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British People Delay Their Dental Visits Due To Financial Issues

Nowadays, we hear a lot about free dental care programs and clinics operating in many regions of the United States. American government widely sponsors dental services in many clinics and medical centers throughout the country, from California to New York. Such services are supported with massive free dental care education and encouraging American children and adults to maintain good dental hygiene. However, what do we have now in the UK, the country which is known for its National Health Service providing very high quality medical treatment, services and health advice for free?

free dental care programAccording to the findings of a survey carried out by the specialists of the British Dental Association, every two of three dentists in the UK say that recently, the number of the patient who had to cancel their regular dental check ups and appointment due to financial issues drastically increased. On this background, it seems quite natural that many dentists report about substantial increase in the number of emergency dental services. This factor has obvious link with the previous one. During this survey, about 250 dental specialists were interviewed.

Specialists and executives of the British Dental Association got alarmed with the results of this survey, and many of them, including the chairman of the executive board, Susie Sanderson, expressed their concern about dental health of the nation. She underlined that delaying and canceling the dental appointments will not help saving the money in a long-term perspective and only bring to increased risks of having dental problems, including very serious dental diseases. She strongly recommended to all British people to stick with their dental check up routine and not to cancel their regular appointments. And those, who are on a low income are recommended to check out whether they are entitled to any free dental care program. Mrs. Sanderson underlined, that the National Health Service had opened a number of free dental care programs for children and teenagers under 18.

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Comment from dental implants northwich
Time: February 24, 2011, 11:29 pm

yes, agreed with the article facts, we met many patients that they delay their regular check ups and special treatments due to financial difficulties. Special treatments are acceptable. but urgent treatments and regular treatments delaying is not good.

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