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Dental Tourism Destinations

Dental Tourism Destinations: Mexico

It is a known fact that despite of high public awareness about the importance of regular dental care and proper dental treatments, a great deal of today’s population actually neglect the easy rules of basic dental care, and that is caused by various reasons. Some can not afford expensive dental services, some just feel lazy, some people forget and for some people such services are simply unavailable. At the same time, some people do seek effective and affordable dental care services abroad, and the countries like Turkey, Ukraine or Mexico are now offering great quality and inexpensive dental care procedures and treatments.

Mexico is the southern neighbor of the US and the best choice for American citizens in many aspects. Known as a vacation paradise, it recently started offering its opportunities for the tourists around the world as one of the greatest dental tourism destinations, and thousands of guests from all continents come to Mexico to get tanned, enjoy luxury hotels and amazing Mexican cuisine, dance all night long in numerous night clubs, as well as enjoy the advantages of medical tourism in Mexico and improve their dental health.

Dental Tourism DestinationMexican dental specialists are highly qualified as the majority of them had a proper training and practice in the US. They offer a great variety of services, starting from usual checkups and fillings and ending up with dental implants and dental bridges. All the offered services are of world class standards.

Besides, a great competition among dental clinics and dental specialists in Mexico gives the clients an opportunity of choice. The same factor greatly impacts the prices, and the same dental procedure can cost in Mexico up to three times less than the one in the US. Complex and cosmetic procedures are also in a great demand, and every day more and more specialists in Mexico, well equipped and English-speking, open their doors to the customers.

Dental tourism in Mexico is blossoming, and every year the country becomes more and more attractive as a great dental tourism destination. Those who want to enjoy the services and amenities of this friendly country can go to Cancun, Los Cabos, Guadalajara, or other centers of dental services. Along with having a great vacation, you can enjoy a high quality dental work and save your funds for other important purposes. Excellent reputation of Mexican dental care specialists and outstanding facilities make Mexico one of the best choices for those who care about their pearly whites.

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Dental Tourism Destinations: Ukraine

Despite lingering economic crises and political difficulties which many of former Soviet countries have been experiencing for the last decade, Ukraine is currently taking stronger positions among the main dental tourism destinations in today’s Europe. Ukrainian dental care sector offers quite high quality and very affordable dental services, which come in wide variety and are offered in well equipped modern dental clinics located in some major cities of the country, mostly in its capital, Kiev. Nowadays, Ukrainian dental clinics and their services are of increasing demand, especially among American and British citizens seeking excellent and affordable dental care abroad.

Ukraine is a country located right in the geographic center of Europe, to the north of the Black Sea. Apart of its communist past, the country is famous with its amazing achievements in sports and space industry, as well as with its glorious ancient history and very beautiful capital city. Those who are thinking of coming to Kiev for any type of dental services should consider the following advantages of Ukraine as one of the leading dental tourism destinations of our times.Ukrainian dental clinics

  • Extremely low prices for the services. It can be hard to believe but average prices for a high quality dental filling in the best dental clinics of Kiev will cost about 40-50 USD. Dentures will cost only about 100-150 USD. A root canal procedure will cost about 100-200 USD when in the US the price for this procedure usually exceeds 3,000 USD.
  • Highly qualified dental specialists. Most of Ukrainian dental specialists in the most elite clinics of Kiev studied or at least worked for some time in Europe or the US. For the moment, qualification of Ukrainian dentists and other dental specialists is considered among the highest in Western Europe.
  • High quality dental materials used. It is quite common for today’s Ukrainian dental clinics to use the best quality dental materials manufactured in the US, the UK, Switzerland, Germany and other countries.
  • Multilingual personnel. Overwhelming majority of Ukrainian dental specialists speak English, sometimes other languages as well.
  • Easy access. It is very easy to get to Kiev as its international airport is connected with all major airports of Europe and the US. Currently, Ukrainian government is working on abolishing visas and making entering procedures simpler.
  • The absence of long-wait lists and the availability of a great variety of dental procedures and services.
  • Amazing travel opportunities. Ukraine is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries of the former Soviet Union region, and there’s a plenty to see there, for all tastes and budgets.

Medical tourism is a new trend which helps people avoid stresses and using a great opportunity to receive high quality dental care for relatively low price, as well as combine therapeutic procedures with visiting new countries, learning more about new cultures and sightseeing.


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Turkey, A New Dental Tourism Destination

In recent years, the demand for medical tourism, including dental tourism, has been increasing in Western Europe. Thousands and thousands of people from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, as well as the US, are willing to visit such countries as Israel, Thailand, Brazil Singapore, Mexico, and others in order to get acquainted with their history, spend high quality vacation on the seashore, as well as take certain types of treatment. Increasing quality of medical services in the mentioned countries make them very attractive for the patients from the world’s most developed economic systems as the prices for certain treatments are considerably lower in the mentioned medical tourism destinations.

dental tourism destinationNowadays, Turkey is struggling to win a reputation of one of the most popular dental tourism destinations. Known before as a most desirable country to fix problems with spine and receive eye surgery, this country is now investing huge funds in constructing new dental clinics and training numerous dentists who will be able to serve thousands of overseas patients in the coming years.

It is estimated that currently, Turkey has more JCI-accredited health care centers than any world’s country outside of the US. Every year more than 15,000 patients from around the world come to this famous dental tourism destination to receive high quality services and the treatment from experienced and skilled personnel. At that, many clinics and advanced medical centers in Turkey are offering their potential clients so called package deals which include not only medical treatments but also full support for a foreigner staying in Turkey. Those services usually embrace booking tickets, transfer from/to airport, hotel reservation, and even certain post-operative and rehabilitation period treatment options.

There are a great number of highly equipped and advanced dental centers throughout the country, which are offering high quality services and expertise of the specialists according to the highest world’s standards. Turkish government enforces highest standards in this area of medical services implementing the policies of strengthening English language education of dentists. Turkish specialists can carry out all types of dental treatments, starting from cosmetic dentistry procedures and ending up with serious dental surgeries. A number of service are offered free of charge. It is important that dental care costs in Turkey are extremely attractive compared even to the ones of neighboring dental tourism destinations.

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