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Is You Electric Toothbrush Safe?

Electric ToothbrushA lot is said about the benefits of using an electric toothbrush, and millions of people around the world made their choice to use this excellent tool for their daily dental care. Positive effect of using electric toothbrushes are properly explained and scientifically proven, but what about the drawbacks? And mainly, are all electric toothbrushes safe? There are many studies and researches being carried out to find out more about the negative sides of using electric toothbrushes, and the findings of some studies bring the points for certain warnings and prohibitions. Mainly those are related to using electric toothbrushes of certain brands and manufacturers.

Thus, earlier this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning as to using the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush electric toothbrushes from such company asĀ  Church & Dwight which are quite popular among modern children. It turned out that using these electric devices is linked to serious risks and dangers to our health and the health of our children. According to the FDA experts, there are increased choking hazards linked to using these toothbrushes, which are increased in cases when the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush toothbrushes by little children not under the supervision of their parents or other adults.

According to the FDA report, their studies have shown that by turning on such electric brushes children are exposed to high risks of popped off or broken heads of electric toothbrushes, which can go directly into the children’s mouth can cause serious cuts or wounds in gums and soft tissues inside the mouth. In addition, broken toothbrush heads can result in broken teeth and serious injuries, as well as they be swallowed and cause choking. Finally, the related traumas can be linked also to face and eye injuries leading to loss of vision, and so on.

As a response to this warning, Church & Dwight company released special safety notice that is now attached to every single electric toothbrush of theirs. It requires buyers thoroughly inspect electric toothbrushes they purchase for possible lose parts or possible related defects. The company is ready to replace faulty products immediately with the good toothbrushes. Also, the company introduced a new techniques for reminding its customers about the necessity to change electric toothbrush heads once per every three months. Since December 2011, special color-water bristles are added to the products of the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush line.


Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Toothbrush HolderThe majority of us already know what toothbrushes are better: manual or powered ones. However, not many people understand that the right answer on this question is: the one which you actually use and find the most effective. Undoubtedly, powered toothbrushes can be considered advantageous only because they are newer and more expensive than old-fashioned manual ones. That is why a great deal of us prefer using electric toothbrushes, believing that more costly option is the best and the healthiest. The novelty of such toothbrushes also motivates people for more serious approach to daily dental care procedures.

The market of powered toothbrushes has been developing very fast, and nowadays the variety of electric toothbrushes can be compared to the variety of manual ones. You can find rotating, vibrating, oscillating, pulsating, counter-rotational and other types of electric toothbrushes, available in our shops and pharmacies. When choosing between an electric and manual toothbrush, take into account professional recommendations of your dentist and learn more about the pros and cons of both types of the toothbrushes.

Powered ToothbrushThe advantages of electric toothbrushes (in comparison with manual):

  • Electric toothbrushes last longer than manual ones.
  • Brushing with powered toothbrushes require minimal efforts and less brushing force, that is why they are especially suitable for children.
  • Electric toothbrushes cause less damage to your gums and tooth enamel because the majority of them have pressure sensors.
  • Brushing with electric toothbrush requires minimal skills.
  • Powered toothbrushes can be effective for those people who have some problems with making the movements necessary for proper brushing (for example, people with arthritis or other physical limitations).
  • Buzzing effects of electric toothbrushes have a special positive influence on your teeth that can hardly be achieved using a manual toothbrush.
  • The majority of powered toothbrushes have timer, therefore, your toothbrush can let you know when two minutes necessary for effective brushing are up.
  • Also, the majority of electric toothbrushes come with toothpaste dispenser.
  • Generally, the handles of electric toothbrushes are more ergonomic and comfortable for a firm grasp.

Manual ToothbrushesThe disadvantages of electric toothbrushes (in comparison with manual):

  • Powered toothbrushes are bulky.
  • Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than manual ones. The prices for modern powered toothbrushes vary from 30 to 120 dollars.
  • It is harder to maneuver electric toothbrushes as effectively as manual ones.
  • Since not much of efforts are required, frequently people rely only on vibration and rotation of power toothbrush bristles and fail to clean their teeth and mouth properly.
  • As all the electric toothbrushes need battery replacement or recharging, they can be less suitable for traveling.
  • Electric toothbrushes can not clean your tongue as good as manual ones because electric toothbrushes do not come with a tongue scraper.
  • People with problematic and very sensitive teeth have to use manual toothbrushes as it is impossible to find electric toothbrushes with soft and extra-soft bristles.

Therefore, depending on your personal preferences, you can use either manual or electric toothbrush – both of them will be effective if you like brushing your teeth and do really care about your dental situation. All you have to remember is the fact that not the type of your toothbrush, but the way you brush your teeth, as well as the frequency and duration of your brushing sessions are the most important factors for effective oral hygiene and good health of your teeth.

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