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Stem Cells Treatment Can Soon Replace Common Dental Treatments

dental treatmentsMany people avoid visiting dental clinics and dental cabinets due to their huge fear of pain and discomfort linked to dental procedures. This dental phobia usually becomes a reason of more serious dental problems since those people who suffer from it tend to fight against tooth aches and other dental pains on their own, until the situation turns into something really serious, so it becomes impossible to avoid visiting dental specialist’s cabinet anymore. Such people look for new dental technologies without pain and unpleasant feelings, so they would never miss visiting dental care specialists and be able to prevent possible serious dental problems. It is a known fact that stem cells technologies can soon turn into a helping hand to those who suffer from dental phobias. According to the latest findings, this approach can give us the ways to forget about pains and other unpleasant feelings we experience when undergoing dental treatments.

Earlier this month, a group of Japanese specialists reported that they managed to use stem cells technology to totally restore tooth tissues of dogs. Therefore, the experts from Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories in Kagoshima and from the School of Dentistry at Aichi-gakuin University, are convinced that they are very close to developing similar kind of technology for people, and using stem cells it will soon be possible to forget about such common dental treatments as tooth filling, root canal, and many others. In modern dental clinics, tooth decay is treated by removing a piece of pulp and its surrounding, which is always accompanied with pain (unless a painkilling injection is used) and psychological discomfort, and replacing the removed part with various types of tooth filling. Sometimes, very serious side effects many take place.  ‘Dental cavities and inflammation of the surrounding pulp is a challenging public health issue, as tooth decay not only can cause a patient great pain but it also can lead to other serious health issues including heart disease,’ the study leader said.

Pulp is a very important part of our teeth. It is filled with sensors which give us an idea about what kind of meals we’re tasting (hot, cold, etc.), and also our tooth pulp reacts on the factors like pressure, etc. Tooth pulp is known as an excellent source of stem cells, and, as the Japanese researchers managed to find out, those stem cells can be used to regenerate various tooth tissues, this way helping to prevent the necessity of going through painful dental treatments. The experiments with dog teeth were successful, and the researchers managed to use tooth pulp for restoring not only pulp tissues, but the tissues of the whole tooth. For the experiment, pulp from the root canals of 18 dogs was taken, from which stem cells were collected, and then in the labs the stem cells were treated with what is known as granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). The results were received very fast, and to a great surprise of the scientists, it became possible to regenerate the whole tooth by using the stem cells in quite limited amount of time.

‘We also noted that the pulp stem cells treated with G-CSF yielded a significantly larger amount of regenerated dentin-pulp complex than those without it,’ the study leader, Dr. Nakashima, a specialist of the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, said. The scientists did not manage to detect any evidence of toxicity or any other possible side effects of the technology. However, they are still concerned about the issues of safety, which, according to their comments, should be solved in order to proceed with the experiments and come to working with human teeth. The approval for new studies is expected to be granted soon by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The detailed information about the study and newly proposed stem cell technology to replace common dental treatments can be found in one of the latest issues of the journal  STEM CELLS Translational Medicine.

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Our Teeth Can Be Used As An Effective Source For Stem Cells

Stem CellsA lot is known about miraculous properties and health effects of stem cells. Nowadays, this amazing technology can be used widely in order to treat and prevent a great number of diseases, including really hard and very serious ones. Stem cells can be used as raw material for generating virtually every body organ, starting from bones or cartilage, and ending up with heart and even vessels. Moreover, according to the latest findings, by using stem cells it can be possible to generate even neurological system cells, which is simply an unbelievable thing! There is plenty of experiments are being carried out now, and there are optimistic thoughts that in the nearest future, stem cells can give us a cure for such terrible neurological system diseases as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many others. It could be a revolutionary turn in the whole medical science.

Stem cell extraction techniques are also being studied and substantially improving. Scientists say that stem cells can be found in human embryos, umbilical cords, and other tissues. It has also been proven that in adults, teeth and bone marrow are among the best natural sources for stem cell extraction. At the same time, children’s teeth are considered more effective sources of stem cells compared to the teeth of adult people. The concept of this type of stem cells extraction, or using teeth for extracting stem cells, emerged in 2003, when Dr Songtao Shi, a paediatric dentist and an Associate Professor at Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology, came up with this idea after years of studies and successfully extracting stem cells from teeth of his six year old daughter. The scientists managed not only to extract, but also preserve and grow stem cells received from his daughter’s teeth. The proposed technology is now known as SHED (Stem cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous teeth).

Since those times, children’s teeth of the kids around the world were scientifically tested and successfully used for stem cell extraction. However, children’s teeth are usually gone in teenagehood. That is why recently, more and more of dental experts are talking about possible advantages of storing teeth of children for using them further as sources of stem cells. There are plenty of cases of storing children’s teeth by the world’s leading scientists, especially in the most developed countries of the world. Due to the fact that children lose their teeth in anyway in their early teen ages, it is quite easy to store the teeth for being used in the future.Moreover, the procedure of tooth extraction has become very easy and totally painless nowadays, that is why those kids who have problems with losing their teeth on time can go through the procedure and leave their teeth as a material for stem cells.

It is reported that nowadays, in the United Kingdom it is already possible to give teeth for being stored in a special lab. This service costs £1,385 and it covers storing the teeth for 30 years. For the moment scientists can not say for how long it is possible to preserve teeth for them being good for stem cell extraction in the future. More research is required to look closer at the issue. At the same time, all scientists are convinced that stem cells as a regenerative, rejuvenating and health supporting technology have a huge potential. It is possible to receive all possible tissues by using stem cells, even fat or genetic material. It is reported that modern time’s scientists can extract up to thousands of stem cells from one tooth. However, for some treatments as many as millions of them may be needed for certain treatments. Fortunately, it is possible to use stem cells from donors.


Front Milk Teeth Can Be A Great Source Of Stem Cells

Children lose their milk teeth at the ages of 6 to 8, but in very few kids this can start happening a little earlier. Usually, losing front milk teeth is followed by immediate growing healthy adult teeth, but in some rare cases there can be a little delay. This happens mostly when the body need time for dissolving the roots of baby milk teeth and giving the way for new permanent teeth to make their way. Front Milk TeethIt is also very interesting that most of the kids start loosing their front milk teeth in the same order in which they appeared years ago in the mouth of the babies. Usually, the lower teeth are the ones to fall out first, and then it is the time for top front teeth to fall out. Keep in mind teaching your kids new eating habits when they have no front milk teeth, and help them to avoid related stresses.

We all heard about the miracles and the latest developments of modern medical science linked to stem cells. These cells play a role of unique building material which can help give new life and possibly treat a huge variety of health conditions like diabetes, hepatitis, stroke, most of cardiovascular diseases, and so on. Callum Graham, a dentist from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, proposed using milk teeth of kids as very good and valuable sources of stem cells. He offered extracting top front teeth of kids when they approach the age of losing their milk teeth, and save the material for further use for disease treatment and prevention. He announced that recently, he extracted top front teeth of his 7-year-old daughter Becca. Stem cells are going to be extracted from the pulp, frozen and saved for at least 30 years, for future needs of the girl, her father commented.

According to the dental specialists, tooth pulp is a truly unique source of stem cells, and in our times there’s plenty of studies and researches going on to find out how to use them to treat various health conditions. Currently, stem cells are used for bone restoration and treating periodontal disease, but much more related findings are to come, the expert is convinced. He carried out the procedure in his Glasgow dental practice Queens Drive Dental, and his daughter felt very fine during and after the operation. Her only fear was actually the Tooth Fairy, and little Becca even wrote a wee letter to her. Becca’s parents reported that the idea about depositing their daughter’s stem cells to provide good opportunities for improving her health in the far future has emerged long time ago, when Becca had just come to this world.

‘Although there’s not a lot of treatments just now, we knew there was a future in it, in personalised bio-technology, where everybody cures themselves. It’s a fabulous service to be able to offer your children,” Dr. Graham said. He is certain that medical technology is going to live amazing advancement in the next 10-20 years, and very soon new breathtaking technologies will offer truly unbelievable opportunities for those people who need help and treatment, including stem cell opportunities. Dental care specialist also underlined that it is absolutely great feeling to be able to help his child and increase guarantees for her bright and healthy future. According to him, this is one of the greatest gifts that he could possibly imagine to give to his child. It makes all family feel batter knowing that if something happens to Becca, there are her own cells stored safely to help her feel better and live a happier life!

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