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An Amazing New Dental Drill For Indonesian Dental Specialists

Dental drillA truly amazing and very interesting solution for those patients who are very much scared of the sound of dental drill is offered in one of Indonesian dental clinics. The patients of Dr Dhanni Gustiana, a dentist in one of the clinics in Purworejo, Java, Indonesia, have a lucky chance not to listen to terrifying sounds of dental drill. Instead, they can hear special musical sounds which assist greatly in decreasing their negative emotions, lowering their nervousness and anxiety before the procedure, as well as substantially decrease their fear of visiting dental clinics. A unique device known as musical dental drill was created by Dr. Gustiana himself, with the objective to reduce the loudness of high-pitch sounds and help patients to relax during the procedure. It is reported that this amazing device is extremely popular, especially among the younger patients and very little kids who very often visit Dr. Gustiana’s office without any fears and worries.

The specialist had to work with kids for some long time before he came up with this amazing idea. ‘The children are not afraid of doctor, many of them are afraid of drill. I modified this by putting a toy on the head of the drill and tell them that the toy will clean their teeth,’ he said. After spending more that a year researching and analyzing numerous ideas, he came up with the final project and made his special tool, a unique musical dental drill. His approach was modifying a usual dental drill commonly used in all dental clinics all over the world, inserted a sort of mp3 played to the device, collected a variety of popular cheerful songs and made sure that the sound of the music can go higher than that familiar buzzing sound of the dental drill. In addition to that, Dr. Gustiana provided the innovative device with colorful shining lights which attract attention and help patients not to get focused on their fears or their negative emotions.

It is interesting that the doctor can adjust the loudness and the type of music according to what is going on and what phase of the procedure is occurring. ‘The patient will hear the music louder when they open their mouths compared to when they close their mouths,’ the specialist says. According to the expert, the device is not expensive at all, and he spent about six million rupiah (£372) for creating the pilot item of this exclusive dental drill. Moreover, he says that further ideas that he is considering now is providing his tool with small figures of animals or fairy tale characters made from silicon to be placed to the tool to attract the attention of young patients and reduce their fear. However, as the Indonesian dental specialist says that the innovative dental drill has extreme demand both among kids and adult patients, and most of the latter enjoy magic effects of the dental tool not less than little kids.

In addition, there are plenty of positive responses from the patients who come every day to the dental clinic and enjoy the benefits of miraculous dental drill.  ‘Very interesting, the children listening to the music and they forget about the drill in their mouth. This is a good idea to overcome fear of dental drill,’ a mother of one kid wrote to the guest book. Also, a great deal of positive feedback comes from those patients who are not aware about magic dental drill, so the magic effects come as a surprise for them. Dr. Gustiana has over 6 years of experience of successful use of his amazing dental drill, and he is willing to introduce it to the world which is going to happen at the International Dental Congress in Greece in March. He hopes that many dental specialists and their patients around the world can also benefit from this amazing innovation.

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New Treatment Helps To Avoid Drilling

Dental SpecialistsMany people avoid visiting dental specialists because of unpleasant and scary procedure of dental drilling. They postpone again and again, making the situation even worse. Certainly, it is hard to do something to avoid dental cavities, but it is possible to change something about drilling. Recently, French specialists at at the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale came up with a new technology which can help us forget about dentist’s drill once and forever.

According to the results of a new study which were recently published in the journal ACS Nano, a new technology includes applying a new teeth-healing gel to the cavities, instead of very unpleasant and painful procedure of dental drilling. The experiments started in order to check out the properties of the peptide MSH, which was reported to be able to regenerate the tissues of human bones. It is a known fact that human teeth and bones are quite similar in structure, therefore French specialists made up their minds to take a chance and study the effects of using this substance for healing teeth.

tooth brushingTheir research showed that when a thin film or gel with the peptide MSH  is placed into a cavity, the tooth starts regenerating the tissues in a natural way. The experiments on mice demonstrated that within one month it is possible to heal tooth cavities using this revolutionary method, which can help to substantially reduce the need for root canals, removing the pulp and nerve, etc.

However, the specialists underline that this innovative technology will not lead to giving up such important daily procedure as tooth brushing. Benkirane-Jessel, one of the scientists and dental specialists at the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, told the press that it is only a new technology which can help control cavities, but not the process of their formation. Therefore, regular tooth brushing and flossing will still play a key role in lowering the risks of cavities and other dental problems.

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