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Announcement: Three Best Solutions For Teeth Whitening

Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System teeth whiteningis an easy-to-use teeth whitening product which has strong positions in today’s market. This is an effective natural system to whiten, brighten and polish your teeth which is a great alternative to costly professional teeth whitening procedures. All you need to do is to brush a special dental gel onto your teeth on a regular basis. You can see good results of using Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System just in one week or so, and this teeth whitening kit can definitely deliver the results similar to the ones you could get by paying hundreds of dollars to your dentist for professional cleaning and whitening.

Bella Labs official site: http://www.bellateethwhitening.com

  • The Pros Of Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System

– very easy to apply
– polishes your teeth while whitening
– assists in plaque removal
– professional cleaning at home
– no costly visits to your dentist

  • The Cons Of Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System

– not the most convenient teeth whitening solution
– available only from online distributors
– possibility of more expensive delivery as the product comes only from the UK

Alta White is another very popular teeth whitening productteeth whitening products which is being sold very successfully nowadays. This product can work very good if used with persistence and patience, because it acts quite gently and can provide you with really great results in 2-3 weeks. Many customers tend to give up using this product because they do not see fast results, and the manufacturers suggest that it will work perfectly well in a long run. Alta White can be used by applying special teeth whitening powder with the help of small swabs with liquid solution.

Alta White official site: http://www.altawhite.com

  • The Pros of Alta White

– brings you great teeth whitening effects within 2-3 weeks
– whitens and cleans your teeth in a gentle and natural way
– provides excellent long-term results
– easy to use at home
– no painful and time consuming teeth whitening

  • The Cons of Alta White

– high risk of allergies
– somehow more complicated to use

teeth whiteningIdol White is a relatively new product which nevertheless has gained huge popularity now, most likely due to its very convenient type of applicator. All you need to do is to apply special whitening gel with the help of a very convenient pen applicator which can find a place in your bag and can be taken with you wherever you want. With Idol White it is quite easy to receive professional results and you will notice the difference in 7-8 days. Teeth whitening has never been simpler: no need in bleaching trays or other unnecessary accessories. Idol White is a choice of famous Kardashian sisters.

Idol White official site: http://www.idolwhite.com

  • The Pros of Idol White

– very convenient package
– the safest teeth whitening solution
– very fast to use and easy to carry in your bag
– refreshes your breath along with teeth whitening
– guaranteed results

  • The Cons of Idol White

– not available in stores, only through internet distributors
– due to very high demand for this product, delivery time sometimes is too long

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Poor Oral Health Is Common Among Modern Athletes

Poor Oral HealthThe importance of great oral health is indisputable, and a great deal of people who lead an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy body weight, follow a healthy diet and pay a great attention on what kind of foods they are eating, visit health care specialists on a regular basis, and do everything possible to eliminate negative effects of current environment, also strictly stick with the rules of daily oral care. Undoubtedly, professional athletes and sportsmen are among such people who must take great care about their health. At the same time, according to the findings of the latest research, quite a lot of sportsmen have very poor oral health. Those are the conclusions of the specialists from Unit of Periodontology and International Centre for Evidence-Based Oral Health, UCL Eastman Dental Institute.

The scientists carried out their study right in the camp of the athletes’ village during the Olympic Games 2012 in London. They collected information on over 300 athletes in 25 kinds of sports who participated the Olympic Games. 95 of the athletes (55 per cent of the participants) were involved in such sports as running or team sports, 38 athletes (14 per cent of the participants) were boxers, 31 athlete (11.5 per cent) were involved in field hockey. Most of the study participants came from the countries of Europe, Africa, South and North America. The scientists performed common dental check ups and also interviewed the participants as to their daily oral health care routine. After analyzing the collected materials, the scientists came up with interesting results.

It turned out that overwhelming majority of athletes complained about their oral health despite the fact that they follow usual dental care routine quite well. At that, about 55 per cent of the participants have shown the signs of dental caries, and about 41 per cent of the participants even had very clear symptoms of dental erosion (a type of more serious dental caries). Moreover, up to 76 per cent of the participants were diagnosed with gingivitis, and about 15 per cent of the athletes from the participant group had periodontists. As the interview has shown, every three of five participants were bothered by their poor oral health to a great extent. 28 per cent of the participants underlined that poor oral health affected their life quality, and every one of five participants expressed the idea that poor oral health had serious effects on their training and performance.

As a summary, the researchers said that dental and oral health of athletes turned out to be very poor, and it was highly recommended to every sportsman to pay a proper attention to dental care. They underline that oral health is a very important element of our overall health and wellbeing, and poor dental health always brings a lot of pain and discomfort which can have negative effects on life quality and especially on training. As a cause of the discovered phenomena, the scientists see using too much of foods rich in carbohydrates, as well as some energy boosting beverages rich in sugar. Also, they assume that busy training schedule and a lot of traveling can be a reason for improper dental care on a daily basis for modern time’s athletes. Finally, increased training routine of athletes can be linked to impaired function of the immune system resulting in increased risks for dental problems.


Black Tea Can Help In Fighting Cavities

fight cavitiesTea is a truly unique product and one of the most amazing known herbal remedies. It is a source of natural antioxidants, special natural substances with very powerful properties to reduce negative effects of oxidative stress, prevent aging and various type of cell degeneration linked to aging, including cancer cell formation. Tea is a unique diuretic and a natural remedy to sleep  up detoxification processes in our body. Black and green tea are recommended as natural remedies to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, lower the risks for hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and other serious diseases which are very common nowadays. In order to harvest the mentioned benefits, it is recommended to consume 3-4 cups of high quality tea on a daily basis.

In addition to that everything, there are studies proving that drinking a few cups of high quality black tea a day is a great solution to improve our dental health and prevent cavities. In particular, according to the findings of an expert group at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry, black tea can be used as an effective dental health support and assist us all in reducing our risks to suffer from many dental problems, including cavities and even gum disease. The scientists recommend consuming 4 cups of black tea a day. They say that recently, numerous studies have proven amazing properties of green tea, but using black tea is actually more beneficial to our dental health. As their experiments have shown, black tea manages with dental bacteria more effectively, this way reducing the ability of that bacteria destroy our teeth.

They analyzed about 300 species of dental bacteria which can commonly be found in dental plaque of modern people. Those bacterias can be found in our mouth, and they produce specific acid causing cavities in our teeth. Other types of bacteria can be found in our saliva, and they also involve in forming cavities and even more serious dental conditions. The scientists asked the participants of the experiment rinse their mouth in high quality black tea after every meal, and after that more samples of dental bacteria were taken. It turned out that very soon, just three minutes later, the activities of dental bacteria substantially decreased, and the amount of acid that affects our dental enamel has also drastically decreased.

“If sequenced properly between meals and normal oral hygiene, a reduction in dental caries may be possible. Drinking tea may have added oral health benefits by controlling through ‘prevention’ the most prevalent diseases of mankind, mainly caries and periodontal disease,”the study leader, Dr. Christina Wu, said. It is interesting that the scientists are convinced that it is possible to achieve great effects and benefit from using even sweetened tea. At the same time, using green tea in the same way is a great solution for not only preventing dental cavities, but also banishing bad breath. Green or black tea turned out to be great remedies and help for fighting cavities, and we should not forget about other numerous benefits of these amazing natural remedies!