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Announcement: Three Best Solutions For Teeth Whitening

Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System teeth whiteningis an easy-to-use teeth whitening product which has strong positions in today’s market. This is an effective natural system to whiten, brighten and polish your teeth which is a great alternative to costly professional teeth whitening procedures. All you need to do is to brush a special dental gel onto your teeth on a regular basis. You can see good results of using Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System just in one week or so, and this teeth whitening kit can definitely deliver the results similar to the ones you could get by paying hundreds of dollars to your dentist for professional cleaning and whitening.

Bella Labs official site: http://www.bellateethwhitening.com

  • The Pros Of Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System

– very easy to apply
– polishes your teeth while whitening
– assists in plaque removal
– professional cleaning at home
– no costly visits to your dentist

  • The Cons Of Bella Labs Teeth Whitening System

– not the most convenient teeth whitening solution
– available only from online distributors
– possibility of more expensive delivery as the product comes only from the UK

Alta White is another very popular teeth whitening productteeth whitening products which is being sold very successfully nowadays. This product can work very good if used with persistence and patience, because it acts quite gently and can provide you with really great results in 2-3 weeks. Many customers tend to give up using this product because they do not see fast results, and the manufacturers suggest that it will work perfectly well in a long run. Alta White can be used by applying special teeth whitening powder with the help of small swabs with liquid solution.

Alta White official site: http://www.altawhite.com

  • The Pros of Alta White

– brings you great teeth whitening effects within 2-3 weeks
– whitens and cleans your teeth in a gentle and natural way
– provides excellent long-term results
– easy to use at home
– no painful and time consuming teeth whitening

  • The Cons of Alta White

– high risk of allergies
– somehow more complicated to use

teeth whiteningIdol White is a relatively new product which nevertheless has gained huge popularity now, most likely due to its very convenient type of applicator. All you need to do is to apply special whitening gel with the help of a very convenient pen applicator which can find a place in your bag and can be taken with you wherever you want. With Idol White it is quite easy to receive professional results and you will notice the difference in 7-8 days. Teeth whitening has never been simpler: no need in bleaching trays or other unnecessary accessories. Idol White is a choice of famous Kardashian sisters.

Idol White official site: http://www.idolwhite.com

  • The Pros of Idol White

– very convenient package
– the safest teeth whitening solution
– very fast to use and easy to carry in your bag
– refreshes your breath along with teeth whitening
– guaranteed results

  • The Cons of Idol White

– not available in stores, only through internet distributors
– due to very high demand for this product, delivery time sometimes is too long

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Tips On Natural Teeth Cleaning And Whitening

Natural Teeth CleaningIt is believed that a proper dental care includes three milestone factors: daily flossing and brushing, along with regular visiting dental care professional for dental check-ups. However, there is a great deal of tips and suggestions of smart natural dental care which can help everyone improve dental health and spend less money for expensive dental procedures. Natural teeth cleaning and teeth whitening can assist us in making our teeth not only healthy, but also looking good. Who does not want a shiny and dazzling smile? Go on reading about the ways to effective teeth cleaning and teeth bleaching using safe natural approaches.

First of all, we know so well that every day our teeth are being exposed to a great deal of various foods and substances, which leave strains and particles on our teeth, this way affecting our enamel and creating a favorable environment for tooth plaque formation leading to tooth decay and possible tooth loss. However, it is possible to make foods like fruits and vegetables help us in teeth cleaning and teeth whitening in natural ways. By consuming lots of crunchy foods like apples, carrots, bell peppers, leafy greens, celery, and others, can assist in removing food particles and tartar from our teeth, as well as make our teeth feel cleaner and fresher.

Other very effective natural way for teeth cleaning and whitening is rinsing your mouth with usual drinking water. Rinsing your mouth after every meal is a very effective and smart solution for natural teeth cleaning. Actually, this technique is very helpful in cases when you consume a lot of sugary and acidic foods like orange juice, carbonated sweet drinks, acidic fruit, and so on, because rinsing allows removing acidic remainings from the teeth very effectively. Natural teeth whitening can be performed very successfully using such natural solutions and homemade remedies as baking soda, lemon juice, strawberries, and others, but it is very important to keep in mind all possible side effects and dangers related to teeth bleaching at home.

Finally, one more effective natural approach which can be mentioned among the tips for natural teeth cleaning and whitening is avoiding direct contact of your teeth with soft and carbonated drinks by using a straw. This simple technique can help you decrease the amount of staining on your teeth, this way considerably lower the risks of developing dental problems. In case if you do not have any straw, all you can do is just swallow the ‘dangerous’ beverage as soon as possible, this way lower the time for corrosive substances touching your sensitive tooth enamel.

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The Risks Of “Do It Yourself” Teeth Whitening

Dental WhiteningNowadays, more and more dental specialists around the world are talking about the risks and dangerous effects of using so called “do-it-yourself” teeth whitening systems, or those teeth whitening products which are supposed to be used at home by virtually every customer. It turned out that some products can harm our mouth as they contain dangerous chemicals and toxins. That is why numerous dental care experts advise to purchase only very high quality products for dental whitening from the best and the most reputable distributors of dental care merchandise (see here).

In particular, recently the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission called for total termination of supply of do-it-yourself teeth whitening products with high concentrations of such component as peroxide. Using such products is reported to cause serious damage and injuries to the customers. Sarah Cour, a representative of the Commission, said the following to the local mass media: “The ACCC is concerned that high concentrations of peroxides used in these products has resulted in injuries such as chemical burns to gums and the mouth.” That is why it is suggested to ban all dental whitening products which contain more than 6 % hydrogen peroxide and more than 18% carbamide peroxide, which impose a real danger to our dental health.

In addition to that, home teeth whitening can result in other sorts of traumas and injuries. Those are, for example, extremely increased tooth sensitivity and serious damage of tooth enamel which lead to absolutely terrible consequences including even loss of the tooth. Those are also various blisters or ulcers that can appear on the mouth and throat tissues, unnatural teeth coloration, as well as other common side effects of using certain medications: headaches, fatigue, minor digestive disorders, tissue numbing and tingling, and many more.

In order to avoid suffering from mentioned symptoms and conditions, it is necessary be extremely cautious and possibly even avoid using do-it-yourself teeth whitening. Also, dental specialists require changing the procedures of approving teeth whitening products, including changing the rules for labeling and making the content of peroxide be strictly controlled by authorized organs. The risks and dangers which Australian specialists of the Australian Dental Association are concerned about were heard by European specialists as well, and a special study on risk assessment was carried out. The findings were recently published in one of the journals by the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products.

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