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Do You Know How To Brush Your Teeth Correctly?

How To Brush Your TeethWe all are convinced that we know everything about a proper dental care, about the most effective brushing, flossing, using other dental care and oral care products, doing visual examination of our teeth and understanding when it is the time to see our dental care specialist. However, according to the experts, only every one of four people on earth knows how to take care the teeth properly and correctly. Brushing teeth is an essential and key part of our daily dental care routine, and despite that fact that we’re doing this easy procedure for almost all our life, still not all of us can give a proper answer to the question, how to brush your teeth correctly. Brushing teeth is arguably the most effective approach to preventing serious dental disorders and diseases like gingivitis, gun disease, tooth loss and others. That is why learning correct brushing teeth is an essential and life saving skill for all modern people.

Along with daily flossing and visiting our dental care specialist every 6 months for regular check ups and professional dental cleaning, brushing is a primary element of our dental care which can work to provide us with excellent dental and overall health. If you want to master tooth brushing techniques and make sure that you know how to brush your teeth in the most effective way, you should keep in mind the following easy tips. First of all, you should use a proper tooth brush: any one with soft bristles in case if you have sensitive teeth or suffer from one or another dental problem like cavities, gum disease, etc., or a brush with medium or hard bristles if you have a good dental health, as well as correspondent tooth paste either for sensitive teeth or more harsh tooth paste for healthy teeth. It is recommended to change your tooth brush every three-four months, as well as it is preferable to change it after suffering form a flu or any other infectious disease of respiratory system.

Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle against the gumline and brush your teeth with short and quite gentle movements. At that, it is recommended brushing teeth starting from the hardest accessible teeth, molars, and ending up with the easily available front teeth. Specialists recommend cleaning the surfaces of your molars and premolars by using round sweeping motions, and the front part of the teeth can be cleaned with front and back motions by holding your brush almost horizontal position. In order to clean the inner surfaces of your teeth, you should hold the brush in an almost vertical position and do the brushing procedure gently using sequential up and down motions.  As many of you may know, it does not matter if you start brushing with the upper or with the lower teeth. After brushing your molars, come to brushing your incisors (or front teeth). You can do this the way you find the most comfortable, just be sure to use gentle and not harsh movements in order not to damage your gumline which can cause serious dental problems like gum disease, tooth loss, and others.

After you’re done with brushing teeth, you should never forget about brushing your tongue and the roof of your mouth which are home for millions of dental bacteria. Use special part of your brush (usually back side of it) specially designed for scrabbing the back of your tongue and clean it very well. The total time for a proper tooth brushing session should not be less than 3 minutes, and most of electronic tooth brushes have special timers to assist measuring this time period. It is possible to use external devices like a sand-watch or a piece of music lasting for about 3 minutes to help you brushing full 3 minute time. Brush your teeth at least two times a day: in the morning after having a breakfast and in the evening before the bedtime. To support your dental health in the day time, it is recommended to use floss and a special fluoride mouth rinses which are also very effective against dangerous dental bacteria.

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9 Reasons To Brush Your Teeth

Brushing Your TeethBrushing your teeth twice a day is a key element of your excellent dental health and dental problem prevention. Moreover, daily brushing is linked to reduced risks of developing other serious diseases and health conditions, starting from cardiovascular problems and ending up with dementia like brain disorders. There are numerous benefits of brushing your teeth on a daily basis which go far beyond the advantages for your health. However, still many of us do not follow this easy rule and find numerous excuses for themselves allowing them skip daily brushing. That is why nowadays, just a few people can take advantage of their great dental health and never know what is to suffer from tooth ache.

Below, check out a list of 9 reasons to brush your teeth every day, and try to develop this essential healthy habits both in you and your children.

  • Brushing your teeth is the best and the most effective risk to prevent numerous dental problems, mainly tooth decay and cavities, gum disease, and so on. According to the experts from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, brushing teeth twice a day leads to significant reduce in gum disease risk in all modern people.
  • Daily brushing plays a role in  heart disease prevention. According to the findings of a study published this year in the American Journal of Medicine, adults with poor dental health have higher risk for heart disease and a stroke.
  • Brush Your TeethThose who are brushing teeth daily have lower risks of a stroke. Those are the findings of the same study published in 2012. The conclusions were made after analyzing dental records of the patients in the UK.
  • Effective pulmonary disease prevention is one more reason to brush your teeth twice a day. The findings published in 2011 in the Journal of Periodontology suggest that brushing is a way to reduce the risk of pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), two of the most common respiratory conditions caused by bacteria in the throat and the lower respiratory tract.
  • Daily brushing provides excellent protection against dementia and other types of brain function impairment. So say the most recent findings of a study by an expert group from the University of California, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. It was found out that failing to brush your teeth regularly is linked to up to 65 per cent higher risk of dementia. However, there was no evidence showing that brushing you teeth can prevent dementia like brain disorders.
  • Those who brush teeth twice a day have higher chances to become parents. According to the findings of a study published in 2007 in the Journal of Periodontology Online, brushing is linked to lower risk of periodontal disease thus higher chances to avoid infertility on modern men and women. The same study has shown that daily brushing is linked to lower risk of erictile dysfunction in men and reduced risk of pre-term low birth weight.
  • A simple action like brushing teeth after every meal session can be a great tool for all of us to prevent weight gain and control our calorie consumption. According to the findings published in Prevention magazine, brushing you teeth can turn into a regular sign for your mind about ending the meal and stopping your calorie consumption.
  • Developing a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day is a great way to self-discipline and assisting your kids in developing a responsible approach to their health.
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day is the best way to keep your teeth healthy, functional and strong, as well as maintaining natural healthy look and assisting in keeping your attractive appearance.

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The Best Electric Toothbrush Of A New Generation For Colgate

best electric toothbrushColgate-Palmolive Company, one of the largest and the most influential players in the market of cosmetics, detergents and dental care products, informs about their new innovative technology: a revolutionary electric toothbrush of a new generation which is about to be released and be available to all customers of the US and Europe.

The product named Colgate ProClinical A1500 is expected to find its place among the best electric toothbrushes and offer us amazing dental care opportunities. Its creators report that their new toothbrush is going to help us benefit from its two main advantages. The first one is five times more effective plague removal along the gumline, compared to other commonly used electric toothbrushes. The second one is improved interproximal plaque removal, the function which is valued very highly by many dental experts.

The Colgate ProClinica A1500 is undoubtedly the best electric toothbrush provided with unique effective solutions for effective tooth brushing and oral care. It has five innovative smart sensors designed to work automatically and make the device get adjusted to individual specifics of every single user. In particular, with the help of these sensors the tooth brush can be adjusted to different rotation speeds, as well as to a variety of brushing and cleaning patterns. It also takes into account not only anthropometric specifics of teeth alignment of the user, but also the way the user holds the brush, the position the brush is located in the mouth, and other relate factors. Many experts underline that till now there was no similar tooth brushing technology available in the market, and this best electric toothbrush can mark a new era in dental care products for home.

The toothbrush deliver incredible cleaning due to a special technology of sonic wave that can achieve the effectiveness of 32,500 strokes per minute, proving users of this unique tooth brush with unparallelled tooth cleaning and plaque removal. In addition to the mentioned advantages and technological solutions, the brush has a traditional for many devices of such kind timer (a two-minute timer), an LED display and a 30 second pacer to assist the user with choosing the best time to move to the next quadrant. Certainly, the brush comes with a few heads, inter-changeable, to be used by a number of family members (or according to the type of brush: Normal, Soft, etc.), as well as with a very convenient case to be used when traveling.

Experts also point to other amazing advantages and benefits of this new technology. This best electric toothbrush is very light and very ergonomic, so it can be easily used by those who have never tried operating with this kind of tooth brushes. It offers very gentle and deep cleaning, and Colgate experts recommend their new technology to everyone. A great deal of interesting info about the advantages of using the Colgate ProClinical A1500 can be found in official website of Colgate company, www.colgateprofessional.co.uk. Talk to your dental care expert about this new electric toothbrush, and try using the revolutionary technology to improve your dental health and prevent a wast variety of common dental problems.