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Dental Implants Are Becoming More And More Popular

dental implantsIn our times of numerous temptations including gastronomic ones, the issues of dental care turn into something topical. Our teeth are exposed to increased risks of being damaged by various bacteria and acidic substances which assist in developing such dental problems as tooth enamel erosion, cavities and tooth decay, gum disease, and many more. More and more experts are stressing on the importance of observing easy rules of regular dental care (including brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing our teeth regularly, and visiting our dentists for a regular dental check ups) as an effective approach to excellent dental health and preventing most of dental diseases. At that same time, new interesting technologies and new modern developments in the fields of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are making it easy for us all to fight against most of the most common dental problems.

Certainly, the popularity of cosmetic dentistry techniques and treatments has been greatly increasing recently. According to the reports of the UK dental care specialists, such dental treatment as dental implants is enjoying amazing demand and is of an interest of growing amount of today’s Brits. In particular, it is reported that in the year 2011 the demand for dental implants has doubled compared to the one of 2010. Those are the findings of a small internet survey carried out by dental search web site. It is reported that over 150 thousand British people took part in this survey and took time to answer the questions regarding their dental care routine, offered by a group of dental care experts.

It turned out that among all the survey participants, 2,500 were interested in dental implants, which is actually 105 per cent more than the previous year. The experts explain this growing interest to dental implants by more and more affordable prices for this cosmetic dental product, as well as increasing consumer awareness about dental implants. Also, it became obvious that dental implants are very popular all around the United Kingdom, and for the last year, people from 350 towns and cities were showing their interest in this kind of dental procedure. Certainly, London clinics were the most popular placed chosen for installing dental implants by most of the Brits, followed by the clinics of Midlands and Lancashire.

‘It is clear that dental implants are increasingly popular with UK consumers, who see the procedure as a permanent solution to replacing lost teeth. The benefits of the procedure, such as an enhanced ability to chew food, protecting remaining teeth and improving self-esteem are making them a hit with consumers all over the UK,’ one of the survey experts said. It is also reported that according to the findings of another online survey, over 550 dental clinics in the UK offer dental implants. At that, 13 per cent of the clinics list the price for this dental procedure between £1,000 and £1,500, and about 7 per cent of the clinics quote the price between £500 and £1,000. Therefore, an average price for dental implants in modern UK is still pretty high, about £1,850.


Dental Implants, An Up-To-Date Effective Technology

dental implansThanks to the numerous efforts of today’s dental scientists, researchers and other experts, for the last few decades dental science and dental technology have been improving tremendously, especially in relation to every aspect of dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. In particular, such modern technology as dental implants has become very popular and one of the most demanded dental services nowadays.

Undoubtedly, this amazing technology has something to do not only with cosmetic dentistry, but mainly as a great and very effective solution to such problem as tooth loss. This serious condition can be caused by such factors as traumas, injury, poor dental care and dental health, etc., and it brings a great deal of stress and discomfort, which can result even in serious lifestyle changes like a loss of job, a separation with the loved one, and many others. Fortunately, there is a solution known as dental implants, which means replacing a faulty tooth with a new artificial one, designed especially for a particular person and totally customized to the persons’ physical needs. Dental implants feel and look as 100 per cent natural real teeth!

The importance and significance of this dental technology can be understood after analyzing the following data. It is estimated that almost 69 per cent of modern people aged between 35 and 45 have suffered from a tooth loss at least once in their life. Moreover, it is estimated that more than a quarter of elderly people aged over 74 have lost ALL their natural teeth and suffer from the problem of being unable to chew the food they consume, not speaking about the impact of such severe dental problem on the way old people look and speak. Thus, the experts the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons recommend dental implants as an excellent and very successful dental treatment (it is estimated that the technology of dental implants enjoys as much as 95 per cent success rate).

The core of the technology is implanting special titanium posts which are supposed to bond with the jawbone of the patient and play a role of the base for further dental prosthetic devices (crowns, dentures, etc.) This gives an opportunity not to use any sorts of adhesive material and fix dental prosthetic devices much better. Placing dental implants does not require any sort of drilling or similar preparations which are usually scary to most of the patients. Despite the fact that the procedure of placing dental implants is named “surgery”, this involved only local anesthetic and is considered minor. Generally speaking, all patients who have enough of jawbone mass can go through the procedure and enjoy the benefits of dental implants. However, this procedure is considered very serious and it is necessary to select the dental specialist very careful for this kind of dental treatment.

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The Miracles of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic DentistryThere is no doubt that a shining and sincere smile can make you face look very beautiful without any make-up or cosmetic procedures. However, not every one of us is endowed with proportional, shiny and white teeth, and many people wish to improve aesthetic look of their smiles. Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly developing field of dental medicine. Only a decade ago, we could only dream of aesthetic dental services that would make our teeth look sensational. But now, a great deal of effective dental cosmetic procedures became a daily routine of modern dental professionals. Every day the specialists of cosmetic dentistry provide thousands of people with tooth reshaping, dental bonding, teeth whitening, and other numerous restorative benefits.

Good optical properties of the tissues of healthy teeth, including color of the enamel, richness of the color, opalescence and shining, are the main ingredients of aesthetic appearance of your teeth. But different dental problems and defects can result in denaturalization and loss of these good properties. Also, such factors as problems with digestive system or blood vessels, medication overdoses, etc., can seriously affect a person’s teeth and aesthetic appearance.

Modern dentistry possesses a series of effective methods allowing to achieve significant aesthetic effects even in the most difficult situations! People with huge gaps between their teeth or people with old and damaged dental fillings can have a cosmetic procedure which will result in putting their teeth in almost ideal shape. Besides, new effective methods of teeth whitening can make your teeth as white as snow. Now, a Hollywood smile is available for everyone!

Presently, cosmetic dentistry includes a wide range of procedures:

  • Dental Fillings. This is one of the oldest procedures of cosmetic dentistry, which has already become a common practice for every dental clinic or cabinet. It means filling the cavities of decayed teeth with composite resin materials (like porcelain or special chemical compositions) that have the appearance similar to the one of tooth.
  • Teeth Whitening. This is the procedure of removing various stains, shades and unnatural pigmentation from your teeth by bleaching. Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most effective cosmetic dentistry procedures that is currently having a great demand.
  • Dental Bonding. The procedure of repairing or restoring the shape of your teeth with the help of dental composite materials. The people who have decaying, cracked or broken teeth, as well as the people with small gaps between their teeth may want to have this procedure.
  • Dental Veneers. This procedure involves placing porcelain or plastic laminates on the front surface of your teeth in order to change shape or color of your teeth. This procedure can be demanded by people with broken or damaged teeth, and also by those who failed to get good results after teeth whitening.
  • Dental Contouring and Reshaping. This is a more complicated treatment which helps to improve the shape of your teeth. In the majority of cases, it includes scanning and evaluation of your teeth, modeling better designs for your teeth followed by sculpturing and reshaping. People with various dental imperfections can use this method of cosmetic dentistry.
  • Gum Lift. This is a procedure of raising and reshaping your gum lines in order to make your teeth look longer, more proportional and symmetrical.
  • Dental Implants. This method means placing artificial titanium tooth roots followed by placing false tooth as a compensation for your missing tooth. This procedure is connected with several risks, but modern dental technologies have already put these risks to minimum.
  • Dental Bridges. This is another method to replace missing teeth, but in this case the false teeth are held between two healthy teeth with the help of special porcelain crowns.
  • Dental Crowns. This method means covering the surface of your teeth with special porcelain, ceramic or metallic crowns. This is a very effective and popular method for people with broken, cracked or worn teeth, and also for the people whose teeth are healthy but have a lack of stability or white color.
  • Dentures. Dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth. Placing dentures is an essential procedure for the people who lost some of their teeth. There are partial and complete dentures.

Cosmetic dentistry can bring back good health and natural beauty of your teeth. Choose to have one of these procedures and you’ll certainly see that visiting your dentist may not be always connected with anticipation of painful and unpleasant treatment. This time you will leave the clinic with the desire to enjoy those miraculous changes you are going to experience after your aesthetic cosmetic procedure.

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