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Drinking Orange Juice Is Linked To Weakening of Tooth Enamel

It is a known fact that acidic foods and drinks, such as some sorts of fruit and fruit juices, etc. are quite dangerous to our dental health. Such foods and drinks can be useful, healthy and nutritious, contain lots of vitamins and minerals, have positive effects on the functioning of our body systems and lower the risks of developing certain diseases, but still they are very harmful to our gums and teeth. In particular, according to the latest studies of the scientists at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health at the University of Rochester’s Institute for Oral Health, such popular drink as orange juice can cause weakening and erosion of our tooth enamel.

Orange JuiceThe experiments showed that regular consumption of orange juice, especially those cheap commercial brands which we can find in any supermarket, may have absolutely devastating effects! The participants used to drink only one glass of orange juice every morning, and as a result their tooth enamel was damaged and got up to 84% softer. Yan Fang Ren, one of the leaders of the study, stressed out in the report published in the Science magazine that it is absolutely necessary to control orange juice intake, especially in young children and teenagers.

In order to illustrate the findings of this research and attract public attention to to the problem, the researchers tried to compare the effects of such heavy procedure as teeth whitening to the effects of regular orange juice consumption on our tooth enamel. It turned out that hydrogen peroxide which is usually used for most of whitening procedures has less harmful effects on our tooth enamel than orange juice. According to Ren, the juice simply washes away our tooth enamel. For those, who really like drinking OJ but do not want to damage their teeth, Ren recommends drinking this juice while eating meals, as well as never forget to brush the teeth after such “dental treatment”.

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Comment from Bob Smiley
Time: September 20, 2010, 2:26 am

Et tu, OJ? I guess everything is bad for you in some way or another. Interesting that the acidity of Orange Juice was comparatively worse than those treatments used in tooth whitening. Though the tooth whitening treatments have been under intense study on how they react with teeth since their inception, I suspect orange juice, not so much.

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