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Dental Care and Medications

We all know so well that a good dental care includes a proper daily oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups and a low sugar diet. However, recently, Australian specialists point on one more important element of everyone’s dental care routine. After one of the researches carried out by dental experts in Sydney, it became clear that a great deal of medications and drugs we use on a regular basis are actually harmful and damaging to our teeth. According to the statistics mentioned at Perth Now, up to 40% of modern people regularly take at least one type of medications which are harmful to their tooth enamel.

In particular, there are a great number of medications which cause saliva reduction or ‘dry mouth’. This condition is quite dangerous for our normal oral hygiene because dry mouth brings to increased number of bacteria population on our teeth and tongue, slows down the processes of de-mineralization and tooth enamel reconstruction, this way creating a favorable environment and speeding up tooth decay. Also, our saliva contains special substances that can neutralize mouth acids which make our teeth decay. Therefore, using too many medications causing ‘dry mouth’ (like antihistamines, etc.) is connected with increased risks of having dental problems.

Some of modern medications are extremely acidic and can cause serious tooth decay. Those include some asthma medicines and others, and if taken for long period of time, they can be very dangerous for our oral health. Also, some medical syrups have a very high content of sugar, which is also harmful for our tooth enamel. If you are taking syrups on a regular basis, it is recommended to brush your teeth every time after your medicine is taken. In addition, such medicines as diuretics, immune-suppressive medicines, oral contraceptives and others are associated with increased risks of having various gum problems, oral ulcers, inflammation, etc.

It is also very important to remember that young children and teenagers are more vulnerable to the above mentioned negative effects of medications and drugs on their teeth, than grown-ups. That is why parents must control the use of antibiotics and other dangerous medicines. A special attention should be paid on the medications which contain fluoride, because it can be very harmful for the developing permanent teeth of children if taken in excessive amounts. Always consult your doctor or a health care specialist before giving your child one or another medication.

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Comment from Dentist Listing
Time: January 29, 2010, 7:02 pm

Many medications contain high concentrations of sugar and if taken on a regular basis, it can cause serious dental problems.

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