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Help Your Child Enjoy His First Visit to the Dentist

Specialists suggest making the first visit to the dentist before your child turns 3. By this age your child might have started eating the food that all your family members eat. Therefore, his teeth have started being affected by all dangerous bacteria and other factors that impact his dental health. This is the age to start teaching your child taking care about his teeth, developing good dental habits and doing regular check-ups. Many children are afraid of going to doctors or dentists because this profession is associated with pain. However, there are some recommendations for you on making your child’s first dental visit a good and positive experience:

  • Create a special strategy of preparing you child for going to the dentist for the first time.
  • Talk about visiting your dentist only from a positive perspective and make your child understand how important it is to see the dentist regularly.
  • Make your child feel excited about going to his first dental appointment
  • Never use such words or expressions like “it ain’t gonna hurt”, “you’ll feel no pain” or “be brave” when talking to your child about visiting the dentist.
  • A visit to the dentist must never seem to be a threat to your child.
  • Never share your negative experiences about visiting the dentist with your child.
  • If your child feels frightened, try to reassure him. Be calm, patient and supportive.
  • Read him a story about visiting a Teeth Doctor or play dentist with him by examining each other’s teeth.
  • Ask people around your child to tell him optimistic things and not to make him feel scared about going to the dentist.
  • Do not talk too much to your child about the work of dentists and what is waiting for him in the dentist’s room.
  • Select a dentist who is good in getting along with children and can put kids at ease during the first visit.
  • Talk to your dentist before bringing you child to him and let him know about the fears and weak points of your child.
  • Try to come right in time and not to wait next to the dentist’s door for long.
  • Ask the permission of the dentist to stay with your child during the examination.
  • Make sure that your child got a good impression of the first visit to the dentist.

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