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5 Worst Enemies Of Your Shiny Smile

We all know so well that using our teeth for opening nut shells or eating too much of sweet foods (especially chocolate or soft candies) may have serious destructive effects on our tooth enamel. In addition, there are many foods and drinks which can change color or damage our tooth enamel (both physically and qualitatively), cause plaque and serious dental diseases. Below, you can see a list of 5 most dangerous foods and drinks which should be considered 5 worst enemies of our shiny smile.

1.shiny smile Carbonated drinks. First of all, soft and carbonated drinks usually have a lot of sugar, which is very harmful to our tooth enamel as it creates favorable environment for plaque formation. Besides, the majority of soft and carbonated drinks are very acidic, which is also very damaging and harmful to our teeth.

2. Citrus fruit. Occasional consumption of oranges, lemons or other citrus fruit can not bring to a huge damage to our teeth. However, these fruit are very rich in natural acids, which if consumed regularly can cause softening and erosion of tooth enamel, making our teeth weaker and less healthy. Therefore those, who love eating oranges or tangerines should make a habit of using mouthwash after eating these fruits. In addition, it is recommended to drink orange juice using a straw.

3. Tea and coffee. If you have a habit of drinking 3-4 cups of black coffee or black tea a day, you’ll need to pay increased attention on the color of your teeth. Along with tobacco smoking, regular consumption of coffee or black tea are the leading causes of tooth darkening, straining and discoloration. Rich in tannins and some acids, tea and coffee may have destructive effects on our teeth, but if you want to stick with your habit and still have a shiny smile, add a little milk to your daily cup of tea or coffee. Milk is proven to be able to neutralize negative effects of tannins on out teeth.

4. Wine. Wine is actually a controversial factor which has both positive and negative effect on our dental health. As a natural antiseptic, red wine can be used to lower the risks of dental plaque formation and preventing tooth decay. At the same time, wine is also rich in sugar and acids, which are damaging  to our tooth enamel. Besides, recent studies have shown that a regular consumption of wine is linked to increased risks of tooth staining. Therefore, drink plenty of water after drinking wine to remove harmful components from your teeth.

5. Diet pills. The effects of diet pills sometimes cause reduced production of saliva by the glands. As a result, we have dry mouth and a very favorable environment for various bacteria and dental plaque formation. Remember that for an effective weight loss it is enough to combine a healthy balances diet with sufficient amounts of exercise. It is the healthiest solution, both for your body and teeth.

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Comment from Dentist Austin TX
Time: March 16, 2011, 9:05 pm

Cigarettes might deserve their own number on the list. Also I wanted to add that not only citrus fruits, but those that are dark in color like blueberries and cranberries are known to stain. But drinking water and brushing afterward protects your teeth.

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