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Keeping Toothbrushes In The Bathroom Is Linked To Dangerous Infections

Specialists warn us that millions of people around the world put their health and well-being to risk by placing their toothbrushes in a close proximity to the lavatory which can be a source of thousands of harmful bacteria. When we flush our toilet, those pathogenic bacteria are sprayed around and land on various surfaces located around, including our toothbrushes. That is why it is dangerous to keep the toothbrushes in an opened container.

ToothbrushThe scientists say that after flashing, harmful and lethal bacteria can fly up to six feet away from the lavatory. At that, according to the latest statistics, every second toothbrush is kept in less than 40 inches away from the lavatory. This way, thousands of harmful bacteria is found on such brushes, including Candida, streptococcus, ecoli and staphylococci. This situation requires immediate action for the sake of improving dental health of modern people.

This research was carried out by the specialists at Manchester University and the experts from Lloydspharmacy, the Great Britain. Louise Baglole, Oral Health Expert from Lloydspharmacy comments of the findings of her colleagues as the following: “It’s really quite stomach churning to think about what bacteria are present on toothbrushes.” She asks everyone to place the toothbrushes far away from the lavatory and use special closed containers to store toothbrushes in a safer way.



Comment from R.J. Skoulding
Time: October 23, 2010, 3:26 am

I use a product which will allow toothbrushes to be stored in the bathroom safely, just wash hands before removing the brush from its’ container. This gadget also cleans the brush head and is ‘green’ in as much as it uses no power whatsoever. (it is completely mechanical).

Comment from Bob Smiley
Time: December 1, 2010, 12:27 am

Ooh! Most homes have a toilet near their sink and modern bathrooms often do not have closed cabinets. Ooh! I am going to store my tooth brush elsewhere.

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