Turkey, A New Dental Tourism Destination

In recent years, the demand for medical tourism, including dental tourism, has been increasing in Western Europe. Thousands and thousands of people from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, as well as the US, are willing to visit such countries as Israel, Thailand, Brazil Singapore, Mexico, and others in order to get acquainted with their history, spend high quality vacation on the seashore, as well as take certain types of treatment.

Increasing quality of medical services in the mentioned countries make them very attractive for the patients from the world’s most developed economic systems as the prices for certain treatments are considerably lower in the mentioned medical tourism destinations.

Nowadays, Turkey is struggling to win a reputation of one of the most popular dental tourism destinations. Known before as a most desirable country to fix problems with spine and receive eye surgery, this country is now investing huge funds in constructing new dental clinics and training numerous dentists who will be able to serve thousands of overseas patients in the coming years.

It is estimated that currently, Turkey has more JCI-accredited health care centers than any world’s country outside of the US. Every year more than 15,000 patients from around the world come to this famous dental tourism destination to receive high quality services and the treatment from experienced and skilled personnel.

At that, many clinics and advanced medical centers in Turkey are offering their potential clients so called package deals which include not only medical treatments but also full support for a foreigner staying in Turkey. Those services usually embrace booking tickets, transfer from/to airport, hotel reservation, and even certain post-operative and rehabilitation period treatment options.

There are a great number of highly equipped and advanced dental centers throughout the country, which are offering high quality services and expertise of the specialists according to the highest world’s standards. Turkish government enforces highest standards in this area of medical services implementing the policies of strengthening English language education of dentists.

Turkish specialists can carry out all types of dental treatments, starting from cosmetic dentistry procedures and ending up with serious dental surgeries. A number of service are offered free of charge. It is important that dental care costs in Turkey are extremely attractive compared even to the ones of neighboring dental tourism destinations.

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