The Significanse Of Dental Care In Children

Some parents believe that dental care in children is something that centers around only making the child learn how to brush his teeth. Such parents know so well that it is essential to develop a habit of brushing the teeth twice a day in the early childhood. At the same time, many moms and dads do not consider it necessary to find the time to take their children to the dentist, thinking that decaying teeth will fall out soon. It is especially common in low-income families. Specialists suppose that this situation is caused by three important factors:

– A lack of information about the necessity to take the children in dental visit from the first year of their life.

– High costs for dental appointments and dental procedures. For young parents, for low-income families and for children with special needs regular dental check-ups can turn into a real problem.

– A lack of attention of modern parent to their children’s’ dental health. It can be caused by too active business life of the parents, their health condition, inexcusable negligence of parents, and so on.

It is essential for every parent to understand that regular dental visits and making your children master daily dental care habits are two main approaches which can help you and your children avoid serious dental problems in the future. Below, you can check out some facts and information about the issue related to dental care in children.

  • According to the latest statistics, every year due to dental health problems American children skip 52,000,000 school hours.
  • A lack of dental care in children can bring to very serious problems in the future, related to both their health and social life. Those include all possible eating disorders, having extra weight and being obese, sleep disorders, inability to perform will like their peers in school, and many more.
  • Tooth decay is a more common problem in children than asthma.
  • Specialists estimated that 30% – 50% of children aged between 4 and 5 years experience serious dental problems like tooth decay and so on.
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