Magazines In Dental Cabinets Can Increase Dental Infection Risk

Waiting rooms of dental clinics and dental cabinets are always filled up with plenty various magazines, newspapers, fashion catalogs, and other similar editions to help the clients spend their time, keep away from negative thoughts and do not get focused on the pain linked to most of today’s dental procedures. However, according to the recent findings published by the specialists at the British Dental Association keeping such kind of printed editions in the waiting rooms for many years is linked to increased risks of dental infections and other types of infections for all the visitors. A series of tests have shown that printed editions used in the waiting rooms have incredible amounts of various bacteria and viruses, and it is very easy to catch an infection, especially for small kids and those people who suffer from too weak immune system.


It is interesting that, according to the findings of the same group of experts received during the same data analyzing research, such common things as posters which can be found in plenty both in dental waiting rooms and dental cabinets, also impose us to quite high dental infection risk since plenty of bacteria were found there, too. At that, most of the infection sources were found in those rooms with posters where adhesive materials like Blu-Tack were used. According to the report about the research, using this type of adhesive putty is linked to the risk of cross-infection causing serious health conditions for dental clinic visitors. The researchers also analyzed the risk for dental infections and other types of infection coming from cushions and soft furniture in the waiting rooms, and it turned out that it would be better never use soft furniture at all, offering the visitors to sit on plastic chairs instead.

The British Dental Association suggest all modern dental care specialists pay a proper attention to the mentioned issues. There is no special regulation or specific requirement is going to be issued for dental practices around the country to stop using old magazines and old fabric furniture in order to decrease dental infection risk and risks for other types of infections. However, the recommendation to follow the mentioned advice will most likely be kept under review, and may possibly be modified in the future. “The only time these things would be an issue would be if our inspectors found them being used in such a way as to compromise the safety of someone using the service,” a spokesman for the Care Quality Commission, an organization responsible for regulating the national standard observation by national dental practices, said to the media.

It is reported that most of dental care specialists found the findings of this research too exaggerating and even somehow absurd. They are convinced that it is always very easy to see the signs of the magazines or furniture being too dirty and cause possible dental infection risk. Many experts are convinced that most of dental clinics or dental practice workers in the UK take the requirements of hygiene and cleanliness very seriously. “Dentists are not opposed to regulation, but believe that it should be proportionate, cost-effective and non-duplicatory. Too often, in recent years, it has felt like regulation has been designed to hinder, rather than support, dentists’ efforts to care for their patients,” Dr John Milne, an official of the British Dental Association’s General Dental Practice Committee commented on the situation. © 2020. All Rights Reserved.