Justin Bieber’s Singing Toothbrushes

The popularity of Justin Bieber has a great support by a massive merchandise with a large variety of goods and products with his image and name on, which appear in the shops and markets. Justin Biebers’ products include everything, from dolls and pencils to nail polish.

Certainly, it is mostly targeted to young and teenage audience, that is why the latest trend from 17-year-old teenage singing sensation Justin Bieber’s merchandise, namely his electric singing toothbrushes, is expected to have a great demand, as well as help increase the awareness of teenagers about the importance of daily dental care and oral hygiene.

It is announced that this summer two types of special singing toothbrushes from Justin Bieber will be available for all his fans. The electric devices will come in two types – one is designed to play the tunes Somebody To Love and Love Me, while the other is going to blast out the hits like Baby and U Smile.

It is interesting that each song is going to last exactly two minutes – the recommended time for brushing your teeth (twice a day). This is considered a great way to encourage young fans of Bieber to brush the teeth as long as it necessary in one session.

The price expected is going to be approximately £6 per item. If everything goes fine and the product will successfully find its users (we actually do not have doubts about it!), it is planned to launch many more of dental products in the framework of Bieber’s merchandise line. In particular, there are the ideas to start producing a larger tooth brush for older fans of young superstar, as well as dental floss and a special travel kit, which is going to include that items like a tongue scraper and a mini hourglass timer, etc.

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