Dentists Blame Financial Stresses For Increased Occurrence Of Bruxism

Have you ever thought that such thing as financial crises can cause you not only being no able to cover up your dental care expenses, but cause other physical problems for your pearly whites? In what way, you may ask. Dental specialists from the Irish Dental Association (IDA) can tell you how: when you are stressed out by your financial problems, when you see that you can buy less and less goods for the money you are receiving, you tend to literally grinding your teeth and wearing your teeth up.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is quite a common dental problem nowadays which affects dental health of quite a lot of people. The IDA specialists say that in their country, which suffered a very serious impact by the international financial crisis for the last couple of years, every every one of five persons in Ireland grinds the teeth at night. If you wake up in the morning with a terrible headache, jaw aches, mouth or ear pains, you can have this problem as well. Usually, bruxism is linked to various health conditions and factors like severe depression, anxiety, prolonged stresses, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine abuse, and so on. More factors contributing to teeth grinding embrace recreational drug use, including ecstasy and cocaine.

Stress and drug use are a dangerous combination at the best of times, but people often do not realise the effect this can have on their dental health. If people are suffering from any of the symptoms outlined above, then not only should they see their medical doctor, but they should also visit their dentist for a check-up as soon as possible as bruxism can cause long-term damage,” says Doctor Dermot Canavan of the IDA. Dr. Canavan stresses out on the problem and asks all modern people to pay more attention to unconscious behaviors of theirs and their partners. Fortunately, such problem as teeth grinding can be prevented and solved by using several techniques like special mouth guards or splints. © 2020. All Rights Reserved.