Dental Care And Family Dental Health

For all of us, regular dental check ups and regular visits to our dental care specialists are nothing else but just too boring routine, or sometimes too expensive necessity. Those are two main reasons why a great deal of today’s people delay or avoid visiting dental clinics, even in the cases when they are suffering from very serious toothache or gum problems. However, more and more often dental care experts are talking about very strong connections between dental diseases and many other serious health conditions, including the life threatening ones. Therefore, good personal and family dental health is a guarantee of good overall health of the family and even coming generations.

Moreover, according to the findings of recent studies, such usual factors as regular flossing and brushing, the absence of bacteria in the mouth, regular dental check ups, and real concern about our dental health can not only prevent scores of serious illnesses, but also lead to substantial improvement in most of the existing health conditions. Finally, the British Dental Association experts tell us that a proper oral hygiene and regular dental care can even save our lives at a certain point. Supported with such factors as leading a healthy lifestyle, getting rid of bad habits, following a healthy diet, and monitoring own general health condition regularly, proper dental care can boost our health and be a lifesaver!

In particular, it is said that a lack of dental care can initially lead in increased amounts of peridontal bacteria, causing built-up of plaque, gum bleeding and irritating the gums. Those are actually outsets of gum disease. As a result, a great deal of the bacteria go into our bloodstream and reach the main body organs and systems causing serious health conditions and diseases of the organs. In particular, research has shown that a lack of dental care is linked to much higher risks of cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and a stroke. According to cardiologists at the University of Athens, there are links between gum disease and elevated blood pressure. Experts at the American Academy of Periodontology say that oral bacteria can cause lung diseases and respiratory problems which are quite common in children and increase the importance of family dental health.

Besides, a study by a group of specialists by the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Disease resulted in finding the links between gum disease and diabetes mellitus. Actually, it is reported that people who have type 2 diabetes have about 3 times higher chances to suffer from gum disease as well, but there is still no proper prove of the fact that gum disease can be caused by diabetes itself. American scientists at the University of Alabama found out that gum disease is connected with increased concentrations of prostaglandin, a compound that induces labor and causes premature birth. Problems with gums and teeth are very often linked to bad bone heath and increase risks of osteoporosis. Finally, according to the most recent statistics, those who have gum disease have twice less chances to live longer than 64 years compared to the people with excellent own and family dental health. © 2020. All Rights Reserved.