Cosmetic Dentistry: A New Marker Of Dental Stem Cells Is Found

In the last few decades, cosmetic dentistry has been one of the most striving branches of dental science. A great deal of studies and researches of the recent times have given us new amazing technologies and approaches to making our smile look shiny and bright. Hundreds thousands of people around the globe opted and received such popular cosmetic dentistry services as dental veneers (currently the most demanded cosmetic dental procedure) or dental implants which totally changed our imagination about the possibilities of modern cosmetic dentistry. These kind of services have become not only unique and the best solution to our special goals, but also helped in solving serious dental problems and conditions. Nowadays, qualified cosmetic dentists in Perth and throughout the world are offering absolutely amazing aesthetic dental designs and other high quality cosmetic dentistry services based on the newest developments of dental science.


Many experts are saying that the function of modern cosmetic dentistry has gone beyond just changing the look of our teeth and giving us a gift of natural shiny smile. It also includes understanding the causes and looking for an effective treatments for worn teeth. Today’s specialists have to thoroughly study, evaluate and eliminate the factors causing dental wearing out in their patients, before offering any kind of cosmetic restoration procedure. It is required by modern treatment protocol, and it is actually the only way to long life of our teeth. If the causes and factors that resulted in extreme teeth wearing out (or at least the most important ones of those) are not taken into account and eliminated, cosmetic dental procedures will not save our teeth from further destructive processes, and they will go on getting worse in the same way as the natural teeth before.

Generally speaking, in modern cosmetic dentistry, there are two most commonly used ways to replace a missing tooth. The first is an old technology of closing the space by placement of a bridge between the neighboring teeth. Another way is a more recent technology of placing dental implant. Certainly, new dental elements should be totally integrated with the environment, and using own biological materials of  the patient for creating new teeth could be a perfect solution to guarantee that. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to do that, however, it is reported that today’s dental science is getting much closer to that. According to the findings of a scientific team at the Institute of Biotechnology in Helsinki, Finland, a new marker for dental stem cells can be used to achieve totally new goals of cosmetic dentistry. The newly discovered marker, transcription factor Sox2, is expressed in the stem cells of the mouse incisor and can help to say a new word in cosmetic dentistry.

Stem cell researches are considered very promising and have been actively carried out in many scientific fields. At the same time, the studies of dental stem cells have been substantially slowed down due to the absence of specific markers. The discovery of Finnish experts has now opened a way for more research, and, in particular, the identification of this marker can possibly allow to find out new methods and approaches to describe the differentiation, division, and migration of dental stem cells. Many specialists are convinced that this discovery is a key step and will soon turn into a new technology of producing new dental materials from stem cells. According to Dr. Rabanus, one of practicing cosmetic dentistry expert in San Francisco, this discovery can lead to creating “…possible innovative reconstructive mechanisms that may take place in periodontal and bony tissues when placing in-vitro bioengineered tooth germs into the jaws.” © 2020. All Rights Reserved.