Commercially Produced Fruit Juices Are Very Harmful To Our Children’s Teeth

Fruit juices have been considered quite good and safe for children. However, scientists warn us that giving our kids a glass or two of commercially produced fruit juices five times a week may not be a good idea. The same can be said about smoothies as well. A great deal of modern children suffer from such problem as worn out tooth enamel, and a group of scientists at the Royal College of Surgeons found out that every one of two today’s five-year old in the United Kingdom has absolutely clear signs of dental erosion and worn out tooth enamel. It is an irreversible process which is very very harmful to dental health of our children.

The experts tend to explain this tendency by increased consumption of commercially produced fruit juices by modern children. Despite of the fact that fruit juices are very delicious and great natural sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients important for chidern’s normal growth and development, a daily consumption of such juices is linked to very high risks to children’s dental health. Kathy Harley, a leading specialist and dean of the dental faculty at the Royal College of Surgeons, suggests to all modern moms and dads giving their kids commercially produced fruit juices no more than once-twice a week: for example, in the weekends. At that, the recommended dosage should not exceed 150 ml of fruit juice a day, the expert underlines.

Another suggestion is drinking fruit juice together with meal. This way it will be possible to lower negative effects of commercially produced juice, minimize its contact with the surface of teeth, and lower total risks to the child’s dental health. Unfortunately, even using freshly squeezed fruit juices bears certain risks to kids’ health. Blending or juicing fruit is linked to releasing great amounts of sugars and acidic compounds leading to serious dental problems, both in adults and children. Dental care specialists warn that dental erosion is becoming more and more common dental condition, especially in modern children and teenagers.

Finally, experts say that it is necessary to address to the problem not only on individual but on group level as well. In particular, dental experts ask school administrations stop using commercially produced fruit juices in school canteens. Instead, children can be offered milk or other possible healthy drinks. Certainly, drinking water can be the best and the healthiest solution, however, not all children like the idea of using water instead of fruit juices. However, the Department of Health officials are not too enthusiastic about the idea of withdrawing fruit juices from school canteen menus. ‘Juice contains nutrients, including vitamins which are important as part of a healthy, balanced diet,’ their spokesman said. © 2020. All Rights Reserved.