Brushing Right After Meal Can Be Harmful

Regular brushing our teeth is a vital and essential element of our daily dental care routine. Along with flossing, brushing should be done on a daily basis, preferably twice a day. Most of us know that brushing teeth after every meal is actually an ideal condition which can provide great oral hygiene and substantially lower the risks of having serious dental problems. For some people, this idea gets transformed into a notion that the more we brush, the better. However, more and more dentists are concerned about the situation and warn that brushing our teeth more than two times a day can be too much and actually cause more harm than good. Especially in cases when people tend to brush teeth right after meals.

Dental specialists the Academy of General Dentistry say that brushing our teeth as soon as just a half an hour after having a meal can cause more harm than good to our dental health. It is especially valid to the situations when we had full meal with a great deal of highly acidic foods, as well as after having carbonated drinks or lemonade-like acidic drinks, hot drinks like coffee, etc. It is known that such foods and beverages cause acidic compounds staying in the enamel of our teeth, and sometimes even entering the lower layer, dentin. Brushing teeth too soon after having a meal (in 20-30 minutes) can cause serious effects and harm our teeth.

According to Dr Howard R. Gamble, DMD, an expert n general dentistry and the president of the Academy of General Dentistry, commented on the findings as the following: ‘With brushing, you could actually push the acid deeper into the enamel and the dentin.’ Thus, the specialist says that brushing right after consuming meals can lead to very fast and serious corrosion of teeth, de-mineralization and severe damage of enamel. Certainly, it is linked to soft tissue exposure to harmful bacteria, followed by increased risks of tooth decay, cavities, and even tooth loss. Dr. Gamble said that all the information was received after analyzing the information related to tooth brushing routine of a number of volunteers who were invited to participate in the experiment.

He said that during the experiment it became apparent that brushing teeth as soon as in 20 minutes after consuming acidic meals or beverages caused serious damage and could noticeably damage tooth enamel. ‘However, after intra-oral periods of 30 and 60 min, wear was not significantly higher than in unbrushed controls,’ he said. It is recommended to postpone brushing teeth after consuming any kind of meal for 30 minutes at least, and in order to restore balance, clean the teeth and lower the amounts of harmful bacteria, it is recommended to use mouthwash. In the absence of a good mouthwash at hand, specialists say, it can be good just rinse the mouth with a small amount of mineral water. For more information, talk to your dentist or any dental care specialist in your locality. © 2020. All Rights Reserved.