A Survey Has Shown Who Suffers From Dental Phobia Most

The importance of a proper dental care, both on the daily basis and making regular dental check ups. Unfortunately, not all of us follow the mentioned routine thoroughly, especially retarding the necessity to visit a dental specialist once a 6 month period of time.

Some of do this out of laziness and not caring much about own dental health. Some of us are doing it because they simply do not have current dental problems and forget about the risks connected with skipping dental visits. Some of us may not be able visiting dental specialists due to too high expenses for dental services. However, quite a lot of us avoid visiting dental care specialist due to a very common reason – dental phobias.

This type of disorder is really quiet common, despite the fact that modern dental technologies are becoming less and less linked to pain. However, a great deal of people can not combat their anxiety and stresses linked to visiting their dental care professionals. This problem imposes a serious threat to dental health of our society around the world. Thus, a group of experts from Sydney University, led by Special Needs Dentist Dr Avanti Karve, wondered, who suffer from dental phobias the most. They carried out a research and were studying the problem for as much as five years.

It tuned out that the women in their late 30s and early 40s are suffering the most from dental phobias. The experts underline that sometimes this kind of phobias get so much severe, that in such women even mentioning the word ‘dentist’ in a conversation results in blood pressure rising and other common symptoms of stress. This group of women is reported to be the leading one among those who were skipping regular dental check ups due to increases anxiety and stress. Also, those people who suffered from oral or other sort of trauma, or lived any sort of abuse suffer from dental phobias very often.

‘Dental anxiety is real and complex and should never be underestimated,’ Dr Karve, a study leader, said. It was also found out that those people who suffer from sever dental phobias can cope with very strong dental pain for up to 17 days. Usually, most of us can not stand on dental pain and call our dentists in 3 days at most. If you are wondering about these interesting findings of Australian specialists, check out the report and the comments of dental experts in one of the latest issues of the Australian Dental Journal.

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