A New Trend For Child-Like Crooked Teeth

It is hard to believe that having perfectly aligned teeth can ever not be a dream and an ideal for all people, right? No, there are still millions of people who are spending thousands of dollars in order to have their teeth shiny white and evenly aligned. However, in modern Japan, there is a strong tendency to having child-like crooked teeth. This trend is developing so much, and it is known in modern Japanese society as the ‘yaeba‘ look, meaning something like ‘double teeth’.

Local dentists in most cities of Japan are using a variety of techniques and methods to make the Japanese look like little vampires or like wild animals. The most common procedure usually includes using adhesive and non-permanent fangs. The cost for such innovative ‘cosmetic’ procedure varies, and in the most dental salons of Tokyo it is possible to ‘improve’ the alignment of your teeth for the price of about 300-400 USD.

There is a great deal of fans of the ‘yaeba‘ look, and many of them post their photos and promote the look quite actively. They consider that this little dental imperfection can make anyone look cute, pretty and much more sexy. Specialists suppose that the main driving force of this trend is our natural desire to look younger, because this alignment is linked in our minds to not only with animal-type teeth, but also with baby-type teeth. In addition, this alignment is associated with smaller mouth which is also considered prettier and more cute.

Western dental specialists and psychologists see some other causes on this interesting trend in today’s Japan. Some believe that it can be a result of too high standards for perfection in modern world. ‘The white standard got too white. The perfection standard got too perfect,’ Dr Marc Lowenberg, one of the most popular New York dental care specialists, comments to American mass media. Other scientists are sure that this tendency can be explained by our natural desire to have certain ‘perfect imperfections’.

At the same time, there are world-famous celebrities who also promote ‘yaeba‘ look. Actress Kirsten Dunst is known for her snaggle fangs which absolutely for sure add to her sensitivity and sexuality. Despite of the fact that the trend is becoming more and more huge in Japan, experts are sure that it will not spread around the world and become something global in the nearest future.

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