A New Dental Mouthwash Can Assist In Tooth Decay Prevention

Such dental care products as mouthwashes are considered very effective for preventing numerous dental health problems and improving our dental health. They work perfectly great for fighting dental bacteria, as well as refreshing our breath. However, some mouthwashes are going to have very strong preventive powers against dental bacteria. Wenyuan Shi, a specialist at of the University of California, claims that he developed exceptionally effective dental mouthwash which can totally kill the most common dental bacteria, Streptococcus mutans. According to the specialist, this mouthwash will become an ultimate solution for tooth decay, cavities and other related dental conditions.

Dr Shi and his research group started their work with attempting to understand the way the dental bacteria acts. It can be found in sticky colonies located on the surface of our teeth, usually in the forms of soft built-ups. The main activities of the dental bacteria include breaking nutrients and the remainings of foods we have in our mouth into various acidic compounds. These acids damage our tooth enamel and cause dental cavities, tooth decay, tooth loss and other related dental problems.

To combat this negative activities of bacteria, a special technology was created and given the name “Specifically-Targeted Antimicrobial Peptides” (STAMPs). It affects dental bacteria which cause acidity and increase the risks of dental cavities, and neutralizes their negative activities. However, in contrast to usual antibiotics, this technology helps not to kill good bacteria, but even assist in boosting their activities directed on protecting against bad bacteria. The scientific work was followed by a series of clinical trials, involving 12 participants. By using the stated technology in the form of mouthwash for four days, they managed to substantially lower the levels of destructive bacteria and acid in the mouth.

It is reported that the specialist has received monetary support and grants from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in order to go on his experiments and prepare his invention for total approval and making it available for the general public. As UCLA press release says, the main work on this invention will be continued in the beginning of the next year. At the same time, dental specialists and experts at the American Dental Association warn all of us that even after this miraculous dental mouthwash is available in our shops and pharmacies, it will still be highly necessary to go on using our toothbrushes and tooth pastes. Brushing will remain important because there are great chances that dental bacteria can resist the newly introduced dental technology.

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