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Dental Pain Is One Of The Main Obstacles For Visiting Dentists

Dental Pain ReliefWe all are afraid of pain, and many dental care specialists agree that severe dental pain and our dental phobias are the leading factors that make us delay our visiting dental clinics and skip even our regular dental check ups. Despite the fact that there are very effective pain management technologies used in all modern dental care clinics to reduce and totally eliminate pain during dental procedures, our fear of dental pain still makes us stay away from dental specialists for as much as we can. We are rather ready to drink a handful of painkillers every day and stand on chronic dental pain than visit a dentist and remove the aching tooth. According to the most recent estimations, about 25 per cent of adult people in today’s United Kingdom admit that their anxiety and great fear of severe dental pain during the procedures are the main factor making them delay their dental clinic visits.

That is why national dental care specialists initiated a massive campaign to raise public awareness of the fact that there are very effective technologies for dental pain relief, as well as promoting a new revolutionary technology named Vibraject. This new approach has been launched in over 100 dental clinics throughout the country, and it offers totally pain-free dental procedures. Vibraject, which is actually a small electronic device to be attached to dental equipment, works for removing dental pain linked to dental injection, thus making dental procedures pain free and assisting patients sitting in dental chairs feeling comfortable and fear-free. This device is an excellent solution for those with severe needle phobia, as well as for those patients who suffer from the above mentioned dental drilling phobias and other dental pain phobias. By using Vibraject, dental specialists can make injections so effectively and so successfully that most of the patients do not even notice that the painkiller has already been injected, thus feel  no pain and negative emotions.

The device itself is something like a very small barrel attached to a regular syringe. Its main function is making the needle vibrate very fast, making a special sensation which can reach the brain first and effectively cover the feeling of having a needle in the gum and feeling the related pain. Practicing dental care specialists who have already tried this amazing innovation are very happy with the effects and say that this technology works perfectly great, especially for young children who are usually scared of both dental pain and dental injection related pain. Small patients are extremely happy and named this amazing dental pain relief technology ‘The Buzzy Thing’. Dental care professionals are convinced that this invention can contribute greatly in developing a new feeling and a new understanding of dental procedures forming in new generation, as pain-free procedures. It is reported that Vibraject guarantees a great emotional relief and stress-free dental procedure even to those people who are extremely pain sensitive and suffer from severe needle phobia.

Every one who wants to test the benefits of the dental pain relief can visit a dental clinic included to the campaign promoters list. In order to proclaim and inform the patients that they are participating in the campaign, the dental cabinets and clinics were given special stickers with a sign “Vibraject here”. There are plenty of positive reviews and comments from the clients at the website of the campaign as well. Many experts also express their positive opinions after using the dental pain relief technology. ‘After I had used Vibraject, the patient asked me: ‘When do you give me the injection?’ I have used it on virtually every single patient since then. I think it’s fantastic,’ said Dr. Stevenson, a specialists at Maryport Dental Care Centre. Hopefully, this amazing tool will shortly be available throughout the world and help millions of dental patients to go through their procedures without any pain, any fear and any stress. Go to here to learn more about the issue.

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