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Front Milk Teeth Can Be A Great Source Of Stem Cells

Children lose their milk teeth at the ages of 6 to 8, but in very few kids this can start happening a little earlier. Usually, losing front milk teeth is followed by immediate growing healthy adult teeth, but in some rare cases there can be a little delay. This happens mostly when the body need time for dissolving the roots of baby milk teeth and giving the way for new permanent teeth to make their way. Front Milk TeethIt is also very interesting that most of the kids start loosing their front milk teeth in the same order in which they appeared years ago in the mouth of the babies. Usually, the lower teeth are the ones to fall out first, and then it is the time for top front teeth to fall out. Keep in mind teaching your kids new eating habits when they have no front milk teeth, and help them to avoid related stresses.

We all heard about the miracles and the latest developments of modern medical science linked to stem cells. These cells play a role of unique building material which can help give new life and possibly treat a huge variety of health conditions like diabetes, hepatitis, stroke, most of cardiovascular diseases, and so on. Callum Graham, a dentist from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, proposed using milk teeth of kids as very good and valuable sources of stem cells. He offered extracting top front teeth of kids when they approach the age of losing their milk teeth, and save the material for further use for disease treatment and prevention. He announced that recently, he extracted top front teeth of his 7-year-old daughter Becca. Stem cells are going to be extracted from the pulp, frozen and saved for at least 30 years, for future needs of the girl, her father commented.

According to the dental specialists, tooth pulp is a truly unique source of stem cells, and in our times there’s plenty of studies and researches going on to find out how to use them to treat various health conditions. Currently, stem cells are used for bone restoration and treating periodontal disease, but much more related findings are to come, the expert is convinced. He carried out the procedure in his Glasgow dental practice Queens Drive Dental, and his daughter felt very fine during and after the operation. Her only fear was actually the Tooth Fairy, and little Becca even wrote a wee letter to her. Becca’s parents reported that the idea about depositing their daughter’s stem cells to provide good opportunities for improving her health in the far future has emerged long time ago, when Becca had just come to this world.

‘Although there’s not a lot of treatments just now, we knew there was a future in it, in personalised bio-technology, where everybody cures themselves. It’s a fabulous service to be able to offer your children,” Dr. Graham said. He is certain that medical technology is going to live amazing advancement in the next 10-20 years, and very soon new breathtaking technologies will offer truly unbelievable opportunities for those people who need help and treatment, including stem cell opportunities. Dental care specialist also underlined that it is absolutely great feeling to be able to help his child and increase guarantees for her bright and healthy future. According to him, this is one of the greatest gifts that he could possibly imagine to give to his child. It makes all family feel batter knowing that if something happens to Becca, there are her own cells stored safely to help her feel better and live a happier life!

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