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Seaweed Give A Clue To Tooth Decay Prevention

tooth decay preventionUndoubtedly, tooth decay and cavities are among the commonest conditions, both in the framework of dental health and our overall health. Overwhelming majority of people suffer from this problem, spending thousands of dollars annually for dental fillings or special preventive dental care products. Tooth decay prevention is an objective for many scientific studies, and dental specialists around the world are looking for effective tooth decay treatment technologies, based on natural or synthesized materials. World’s leading scientists are studying various chemical elements, herbal remedies, plants and seeds, animal products, and various microbes. A group of British dental health experts at Newcastle University went deep under waters in their search for possible tooth decay treatment clues, and they were lucky to find special seaweed enzymes which have amazing effects on tooth enamel and can assist in preventing tooth decay.

Special types of microbes, Bacillus licheniformis, found in seaweed were proven effective for cleaning tooth enamel from harmful dental bacteria which commonly cause plaque formation, tooth decay and cavities. The laboratory tests at Newcastle University have shown that the discovered bacteria can effectively stop the development of dental bacteria formation, this way protecting our tooth enamel from decay. Moreover, the researchers underline that the main advantage of using this potential tooth decay prevention and treatment technology is the following: it is possible to use this effects to reach the areas between our teeth which is hard or even impossible to reach by tooth brush, this way substantially decreasing the risks of tooth decay and all related risks of serious dental problems. At that, the enzymes were discovered to cut through the existing plaques and kill all harmful dental bacteria, this way neutralizing even the existing plaque.

This discovery can open a way to creating a brand new amazing revolutionary tooth decay treatment and prevention. Newcastle experts underline that it is possible to maximize preventive effects of the enzymes by adding newly discovered compounds into tooth pastes or mouth washes, which can assist reaching the most hidden parts and areas in our mouth. “Plaque on your teeth is made up of bacteria which join together to colonise an area in a bid to push out any potential competitors. Traditional toothpastes work by scrubbing off the plaque containing the bacteria – but that’s not always effective – which is why people who religiously clean their teeth can still develop cavities,” said Dr Nick Jakubovics, of the study leaders and a specialist at school of dental sciences in Newcastle University. The scientists say that the found enzymes can have really amazing effects and successfully remove killing bacteria from dental plaque.

Dr Jakubovics explained that when dental bacteria cells die, the sticky substance is formed, and tooth brushing is mainly directed on removing this sticky substance or scrubbing off the plaque entirely. The advantage of newly discovered tooth decay prevention enzymes is neutralizing dental bacteria and preventing sticky substance formation, this way substantially decreasing our risks of tooth decay and making stripping our tooth enamel unnecessary. He said that further studies required to prove the safety of newly discovered method, but Newcastle researches are very hopeful about their proposal. The findings are to be presented at an annual meeting of the Society for Applied Microbiology, and it is expected to receive funds from this organization for further research by Newcastle scientific group right after the presentation.

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