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A New Tooth Decay Treatment Has Offered By Chilean Dentists

Tooth Decay TreatmentIn modern world, it is hardly possible to find a person who is not familiar with tooth decay and tooth cavities. Maybe small children do, but among today’s adults it is impossible to point on someone whose teeth did not know filling. Actually, dental health of modern people is getting worse and worse, and many of us are praying for scientists to invent or find out an effective and very fast tooth decay treatment, which would save us from tons of pains and really much of trouble. Dental care specialists are working really hard to create new approaches and learn to heal cavities, and there are considerable breakthroughs on the way to totally healthy teeth and miraculous tooth decay treatments. It is reported that Chilean experts discovered a new technology which can be successfully used to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

A team of experts at Universidad de Santiago led by José Córdova, an experienced specialist from Yale University, managed to specify a molecule to kill all bacteria related to tooth decay and cavities. The study started 7 years ago resulted in discovering the molecule known as Keep 32 which is able to completely erase Streptococcus Mutans, the bacteria responsible to most tooth decay cases. According to the estimations, these kind of bacteria currently affect over 73 per cent of people in the world, so the newly developed technology to kill the bacteria can help millions of people and relieve their dental health condition. The researchers are very proud of their discovery, but they are reporting about the necessity of financial support for their study since Chilean government or commercial organizations show no interest to this potentially very lucrative discovery.

Erich Astudillo, an official of Top Tech Innovations, the company which previously supported the research, says: “The molecule has the potential, not only to be harnessed into a gum, but also in products like tooth paste, mouthwashes, toothpaste sheets, candies, overnight dental gel, and other products that stay in the mouth for at least 60 seconds.” He says that the specialists from the research team have plenty of ideas, but they just need to rise the funds for their studies for the next 14-18 months. “In Chile, we’ve been looking for financial backing for two years.  No one was interested in putting resources into R&D,” José Córdova said to the media. He says that the experiments involving studying the effects of this new tooth decay treatment on humans should be started and completed withing the stated period of time.

The Chilean scientists gave up their hopes to find financial support for their new tooth decay treatment in their homecountry, and they are ready to give the rights for using their discovery to American companies. It is reported that currently they are negotiating with some of them regarding the business. “We’re interested in selling the license to big corporations that deal with personal hygiene products, like Colgate or P&G, or that sell snacks, such as Hershey’s or Cadbury Trevor, among others,” Astudillo says. It is estimated that the new technology developed to heal cavities can  potentially bring to its owner about 300 million USD of revenues withing the first five years. The business plan for using the technology has already been created by the Chilean scientists.

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