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Dental Implants Are Becoming More And More Popular

dental implantsIn our times of numerous temptations including gastronomic ones, the issues of dental care turn into something topical. Our teeth are exposed to increased risks of being damaged by various bacteria and acidic substances which assist in developing such dental problems as tooth enamel erosion, cavities and tooth decay, gum disease, and many more. More and more experts are stressing on the importance of observing easy rules of regular dental care (including brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing our teeth regularly, and visiting our dentists for a regular dental check ups) as an effective approach to excellent dental health and preventing most of dental diseases. At that same time, new interesting technologies and new modern developments in the fields of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are making it easy for us all to fight against most of the most common dental problems.

Certainly, the popularity of cosmetic dentistry techniques and treatments has been greatly increasing recently. According to the reports of the UK dental care specialists, such dental treatment as dental implants is enjoying amazing demand and is of an interest of growing amount of today’s Brits. In particular, it is reported that in the year 2011 the demand for dental implants has doubled compared to the one of 2010. Those are the findings of a small internet survey carried out by dental search web site. It is reported that over 150 thousand British people took part in this survey and took time to answer the questions regarding their dental care routine, offered by a group of dental care experts.

It turned out that among all the survey participants, 2,500 were interested in dental implants, which is actually 105 per cent more than the previous year. The experts explain this growing interest to dental implants by more and more affordable prices for this cosmetic dental product, as well as increasing consumer awareness about dental implants. Also, it became obvious that dental implants are very popular all around the United Kingdom, and for the last year, people from 350 towns and cities were showing their interest in this kind of dental procedure. Certainly, London clinics were the most popular placed chosen for installing dental implants by most of the Brits, followed by the clinics of Midlands and Lancashire.

‘It is clear that dental implants are increasingly popular with UK consumers, who see the procedure as a permanent solution to replacing lost teeth. The benefits of the procedure, such as an enhanced ability to chew food, protecting remaining teeth and improving self-esteem are making them a hit with consumers all over the UK,’ one of the survey experts said. It is also reported that according to the findings of another online survey, over 550 dental clinics in the UK offer dental implants. At that, 13 per cent of the clinics list the price for this dental procedure between £1,000 and £1,500, and about 7 per cent of the clinics quote the price between £500 and £1,000. Therefore, an average price for dental implants in modern UK is still pretty high, about £1,850.


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