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Energy Drinks Can Start Destroying Our Teeth In Just 5 Days

Energy DrinksIt is possible to find energy drinks on the shelves of most of supermarkets throughout the world. Teenagers like consuming energy drinks very much because this kind of products help maintaining energy levels high and get through the day much easier. It is reported that energy and sports drinks are among the most sold commercial products, and up to 30 per cent of modern American teenagers consume energy drinks every day. The situation with sports drinks is even more serious: 62 per cent of today’s US teenagers admit that they have at least one sports drink a day. Unfortunately, as the surveys have shown, many of the teenagers have no idea what kind of danger and risks energy drinks cause to their dental health.

Moreover, most of the teenagers actually believe that energy drinks and sports drinks can be better and more useful for them than soda.  It is hard to guess, what such an assumption is based on. Anyway, according to the latest findings of the scientists, published recently in the journal of Academy of General Dentistry, as well as in many leading European and American newspapers, a regular consumption of carbonated drinks and especially energy drinks exposes us to increased risks of very serious dental problems like severe tooth erosion, tooth decay, tooth loss, and so on. The research involved analyzing chemical content and the effects of consuming 9 energy drinks and 13 sports drinks which are the most commonly consumed by teenagers in the United States.

During the tests, it became apparent that all energy and sports drinks contain extreme amounts of sugar. In particular, a can of worldwide sold Red Bull contains 27 g of sugar, and a can of not less famous Monster Energy contains as much as 54 g of sugar. This amount of sugar is really huge, taking into account the fact that the recommended (by the American Heart Association) daily dose of sugar is not more than 30 g.  Another surprise for the scientists was the acidity levels of energy and sports drinks. It was found out that acidity levels vary from brand to brand, and the experts carried out a practical experiment in order to analyze the effects of such acid doses on teeth and dental health of regular energy drink consumers.

For that, tooth enamel has been exposed to energy drink of each brand for 15 minutes, after which the enamel samples were immersed into artificial saliva. The same procedure was repeated four times a day for 5 days. It was found out that the damage to tooth enamel caused by sports drinks, was significant, but still it was estimated twice less harmful than the effects caused by energy drinks exposure. It is impossible to reverse this kind of damage and decrease the risks of very serious dental problems that this damage can cause. The report about the study includes very serious warning and necessity to educate today’s teenagers about the risks linked to regular sports and energy drink consumption. As a preventive measure, one of the experts recommends using sugar free chewing gum or rinsing the mouth with water after consuming an energy or sports drink.

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