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Experts Offer UK Dentists Screen The Patients For Alcohol Abuse

alcohol abuseBritish dental specialists are going to have more work to do. According to an initiative of a group of experts from the University of Cardiff, all national dental care professionals and specialists should detect unhealthy habits of their patients by asking them to fill in the questionnaires before consulting them or providing them with the required dental care services. In particular, the Cardiff University scientists are sure that such a measure will assist in determining those people who suffer from such a bad habit as alcohol abuse and have increased risks of developing a great variety of dental diseases and other related health conditions. In particular, it is known that alcohol abuse is closely linked to increased risks of gum disease, along with other numerous risks.

Why exactly dentists should do this job, one should ask? The Cardiff University experts are convinced that dental care specialists are in unique position to offer their patients answer questions about their habits as most of people visit dentists for regular check-ups very often. Besides, asking this kind of questions can seem to be usual for dental care specialists because they are trying to learn any sort of supporting information to find out more about general health condition of their patients. This will allow dentists successfully identify those people who suffer from alcohol dependence and offer them help (including personal coaching sessions, etc.) in combating their bad habit and lowering numerous health risks linked to drinking too much of alcohol on a regular basis.

Alcohol dependence is associated with a great deal of dental problems, starting from tooth decay, cavities and enamel erosion, and ending up with such serious dental conditions as oral cancer. If a patient who displays the signs of alcohol abuse refuses the fact or refuses participating in any sort of therapeutic programs, dentist should inform the general practitioner or health care specialist who the patient sees often for general health check-ups, and inform the GP about the situation. Such measures, according to the experts from the University of Cardiff, will contribute greatly in improving general health of today’s British society.  It is estimated that every one of five Brits have problems with controlled alcohol consumption causing serious problems for their health.

“After screening, the individuals identified as misusing alcohol could then be offered treatment, including brief motivational advice sessions delivered by hygienists or dental nurses,” Cardiff scientists write in their article published in the latest issue of the Royal College of Surgeons’ Dental Journal. “This provides the primary dental healthcare team with unique opportunities to intervene, particularly as asking patients about their levels of alcohol consumption is a routine component of medical history taking.” The experts are sure that dental care specialists and the government should unite their efforts directed on detecting and lowering the number of alcohol dependent people, as well as providing them with a proper high quality alcohol abuse treatment programs.


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