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A Tooth-Tatoo Can Help Us Diagnose And Prevent Our Sicknesses

tooth tatooIn our times of amazing technologies and breathtaking innovations in medicine, scientists are coming up with interesting ideas and concepts very often. One of the newest innovative technologies created by a team of experts at Princeton University has a lot to do with our teeth, and this idea is really something that can make a great breakthrough in the whole medical science. Princeton scientists have developed a tiny ‘tooth-tatoo’, an ultra paper-thin sensor which can be installed in our teeth surface. The main function of this tiny sensor is attempting to diagnose our health conditions and diseases from our breath, to be proper, from the bacteria in our breath.

The proposed ‘tooth-tatoo’ is a miraculous one-atom-thick carbon plate located on a special plate made from graphene, which can be installed (tatooed) on our teeth surface. This tiny sheet on carbon can detect bacteria and send the information about the infections to specially designed device. The most important health benefits of using this amazing technology is being able to recognize the disease on its earliest stage, and certainly highly increase the chances to prevent the disease. The sensor can pick up the very early signs of bacterial invasions and related sicknesses by analyzing our breath and transmitting information about possible sicknesses to the doctors.

For the tests and experiments led by Michael McAlpine and his scientific group of Princeton University experts, it was decided to install the created ‘tooth tatoo’ sensor on a cow’s tooth. Several students of the University were invited to participate the experiment. They were asked to breath on the sensor planted on cow’s tooth, pick up molecules from the participants’ breath, recognize the infections and bacteria in breath, and send the information to the computers of the scientists. All the experiments were successful and the collected information about early bacteria signs was transmitted successfully giving an opportunity to determine early signs of the developing infections.

Princeton young scientists are very proud about their scientific development and suggest a great deal of applications for their new technology. In particular, according to Michael McAlpine, ‘tooth tatoo’ can be a great solution for all military stuff in the filed, where no opportunity can be found to use serious and complicated medical equipment. For example, this technology can allow easily finding out if a wound or other injury has become infected and can cause serious complications. Besides, this innovative technology can be of a great help in all modern hospitals, especially in those cases when patients have weakened immune system and have extreme sensitivity to all sorts of bacteria and infections. Michael McAlpine and his scientific team are currently thinking about commercializing their new invention, obtaining a license for producing it and making ‘tooth tatoo’ available for everyone.



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