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Excessive Alcohol Consumption Is Linked To Gum Disease

risks of gum diseaseExcessive alcohol consumption is dangerous from many angles. Nowadays, one more risk linked to this type of substance abuse was discovered. According to the findings of a clinical research, those people who are alcohol dependent and consume excessive amounts of alcohol on a regular basis are three times more likely to develop serious dental problems, including gum disease. Moreover, as it is stated in the report about the study published in March in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, combining alcohol abuse with heavy smoking can substantially rise the risks of gum disease and other serious dental problems.

According to Dr Nigel Carter, one of the expert at the British Dental Health Foundation, who presented and wrote a series of comments on the research, all those who enjoy excessive amounts of alcohol on a daily basis should be aware about numerous consequences of this terrible habit. And those are not only physical, mental or psychological difficulties related to withdrawals from alcoholism. ‘The growing body of evidence suggests what we once thought were safe alcohol consumption levels are in fact not so, particularly if it’s compounded by smoking,’ Dr. Carter said. The study revealed that every one of five regular alcohol consumer develop very serious stages of gum disease withing just few years of practitioner their nasty habit.

However, the experts continues, it is possible to lower the mentioned risks for heavy drinkers by observing the basic rules of daily dental care, namely brushing the teeth twice a day, flossing the teeth regularly, and visiting dental care professionals for regular dental check-ups. Dr. Carter underlines that not only alcohol itself (which is rich in sugars, calories, and other harmful compounds) causes elevated risks of gum disease in those who consumes it in excessive amounts. Most heavy drinkers never follow the mentioned rules of dental and oral hygiene, this way seriously lowering their chances to enjoy good dental health for many years.

Specialist points on the fact that currently, the number of people who drink alcohol on a regular basis, as well as heavy smokers, is steadily increasing, making the mentioned risks of social dental health becoming more and more serious. ‘People are drinking more and more these days and, with many so-called “social smokers” having a cigarette while they drink the likelihood is that the number of poor dental health and increased cases of illness will continue to rise until people are forced to take notice,” he said. It is estimated that every year about 70,000 deaths in the UK are cause by chronic illnesses originating from poor dental health.


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