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Dental Implants, An Up-To-Date Effective Technology

dental implansThanks to the numerous efforts of today’s dental scientists, researchers and other experts, for the last few decades dental science and dental technology have been improving tremendously, especially in relation to every aspect of dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. In particular, such modern technology as dental implants has become very popular and one of the most demanded dental services nowadays.

Undoubtedly, this amazing technology has something to do not only with cosmetic dentistry, but mainly as a great and very effective solution to such problem as tooth loss. This serious condition can be caused by such factors as traumas, injury, poor dental care and dental health, etc., and it brings a great deal of stress and discomfort, which can result even in serious lifestyle changes like a loss of job, a separation with the loved one, and many others. Fortunately, there is a solution known as dental implants, which means replacing a faulty tooth with a new artificial one, designed especially for a particular person and totally customized to the persons’ physical needs. Dental implants feel and look as 100 per cent natural real teeth!

The importance and significance of this dental technology can be understood after analyzing the following data. It is estimated that almost 69 per cent of modern people aged between 35 and 45 have suffered from a tooth loss at least once in their life. Moreover, it is estimated that more than a quarter of elderly people aged over 74 have lost ALL their natural teeth and suffer from the problem of being unable to chew the food they consume, not speaking about the impact of such severe dental problem on the way old people look and speak. Thus, the experts the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons recommend dental implants as an excellent and very successful dental treatment (it is estimated that the technology of dental implants enjoys as much as 95 per cent success rate).

The core of the technology is implanting special titanium posts which are supposed to bond with the jawbone of the patient and play a role of the base for further dental prosthetic devices (crowns, dentures, etc.) This gives an opportunity not to use any sorts of adhesive material and fix dental prosthetic devices much better. Placing dental implants does not require any sort of drilling or similar preparations which are usually scary to most of the patients. Despite the fact that the procedure of placing dental implants is named “surgery”, this involved only local anesthetic and is considered minor. Generally speaking, all patients who have enough of jawbone mass can go through the procedure and enjoy the benefits of dental implants. However, this procedure is considered very serious and it is necessary to select the dental specialist very careful for this kind of dental treatment.

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