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A New Painless Cavity Filler Technology Is Created

Thousands of people experience very strong dental phobias, and that is why they try to do everything possible to delay their visits to dentists. They hold on and try not to notice their toothache or other dental problems until it is too late. As a result – more pain, more expenses, and more dental phobias. That is why modern dental specialists are trying so hard to move on with their researches and investigations, and offer us more and more of effective dental technologies which would be painless and help us get rid of our dental phobias. An innovation called hi-tech ‘plasma brush’, or a new dental cavity drill, is one of those. This amazing device can help to drill a hole in a rotten tooth that needs a filling in just about 30 seconds. At that, the patient will not feel pain and no discomfort, just only only a slight cooling sensation.

plasma brushThis new dental technology uses special chemical compounds and processes which allow to disinfect the cavity before placing a filling, as well as forms a bond on the tooth in much more effectively than the present available dental technologies, meaning that the filling can last way longer.

This innovation was created by a group of specialists from the University of Missouri together with the experts from company Nanova. Though the trials are still on, all the involved specialists are convinced that this dental technology is going to be a breakthrough in modern dental practice. Qingsong Yu, one of the study leaders and dental researcher, comments on the findings and the opportunities to use this wonderful plasma brush as the following: ‘There have been no side effects reported during the lab trials, and we expect the human trials to help us improve the prototype.’

It is estimated that every three or four dental procedures in modern world require dental filling, and the factor as dental phobias play a serious role for making people avoid dental care procedures. This innovative dental technology provided the trial are successful could cause a real breakthrough and make dental care services be available for all of those people who suffer from dental phobias. It will allow drilling a rotten tooth without pain and dreadful feelings. If the tests and trials are successful and the technology is approved by the most of the world’s health organization, the innovative plasma brush will appear in the market and be available to the dentists at the end of the year of 2013.

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