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Latte Consumption Is Linked To Higher Risks Of Dental Problems

LatteIt is a known fact that those who like drinking sugary beverages like carbonated sweet drinks, coffee and so on, have higher risks of developing such dental problems like tooth decay, cavities and others. In particular, popular coffee drinks like latte, mocha and others are believed to be quite harmful to our dental health. We spend hours working at our computers and drink pretty many cups of sweetened tea or various types of coffee, exposing our both dental and overall health to great risks and dangers.

Heidi Hackett, a Canadian dental specialist, says that from her conversation with her patients she understood that drinking coffee on an every day basis can seriously elevate the risks of having dental problems in adults. “The constant exposure to the lactose or milk sugar is giving the bacteria in the mouth a flood of raw fuel or ‘food’ to metabolize,” she says. The specialist says that Streptococcus mutans known as the most common type of bacteria causing tooth decay and cavities, works on metabolizing sugars and carbohydrates, turns them into acid that in turn lead to tooth enamel damage, cavities and possibly even tooth loss. Sweetened drink consumption creates the most favorable environment for the bacteria growing and having their harmful effects.

Dental specialists tend to connect increasing popularity of various types of coffee which has been taking place for the last 6-7 years, with current increase of the number of tooth decay occurrences. Drinking hot sweetened drinks like various types of coffee for less than 15 minutes a day is fine. However, drinking 4-5 sweetened drinks a day or using it a a snack for several hours a day can get you into a trouble and make you a regular visitor of dental clinics. This sad tendency takes place in most countries and nations of the world putting to danger global dental health, the experts are convinced.

For everyone of us it is necessary to pay close attention to this problem. Is you drink several cups of sweetened tea or coffee a day, there’s quite an easy solution for your suggested by world’s leading dental care specialists. Try to rinse your mouth with a fluoride rinse or at least with some mineral water after finishing your cup of drink. This is a great technique to neutralize the activities of acids in your mouth this way preventing their harmful effects and lower the risks of tooth decay and cavities. The same rule can actually be applied to those who like drinking carbonated drinks or commercially produced sweetened juices.


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