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Thousands British Adults Not Paying NHS For Dental Services

Many specialists admit that current situation in dental care in many countries of the world is terrible. That is why the governments of the countries like the US, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Australia and other leading world’s economic systems focus on offering free dental services to those who need but can’t afford dental care. On this background, it was found out that currently a great deal of adults in the UK do not pay for their National Health Service (NHS) dental treatment. According to the latest study, a greater portion of adult Brits do not pay for their dental care, a National Health Service Information Centre reports.

As the report says, more than a half of complex dental treatments (namely 1.2 from 2.2 million) including dental bridges, dentures and many more, provided by NHS specialists in the last year were for non-paying adult patients. At that, simpler, more common and more straightforward types of dental treatment like dental fillings or even regular dental check-ups are usually paid: according to the report less than a quarter of such treatments (less than 1 million of 3.9 million) is carried out to non-paying adults.

Dental TreatmentThe report published recently in British mass media, summarizes the information on many aspects related to the activities of the NHS in the UK. In particular, it is reported that the number of dental treatment involving a fluoride varnish substantially increased in comparison with the number of these treatments for the last two years. Especially increased the number of child’s treatments involving a fluoride varnish: it was found out that the increase totals 55 per cent, and the last year the increase was only slightly above 20 per cent. It turns out that within the last year, about 850,000 received the related types of dental treatment.

It is also reported that despite of a certain increase of NHS dentistry charges, these services still remain cheaper than dental services in private hospitals and clinics. At the same time, more and more Brits receive government benefits including free NHS dental care. According to the findings of the study, lately the number of NHS dental services, the number of dental specialists (especially female dentists) working in NHS clinics and the number of patients requiring dental help has been firmly increasing. This gives hope that shortly the quality of dental services on NHS clinics will increase.

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