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More Of Worrying Statistics About Dental Care

All of us know so well that preventive dental care is one of the most effective tools and factors to lower the risks of very serious dental problems and diseases. However, more and more experts are point on modern tendency to neglect easy rules of dental care. Certainly, people with good jobs and proper insurance in the economically strong countries of the world observe the rules more or less regularly. We brush our teeth twice a day, floss and follow the routine of biannual dental check-ups. We teach out children and grand children to do the same. However, there are many nations with extremely high risks of dental problems. For those, regular dental check-ups and even daily dental care is something luxury.  Moreover, there’s no access for them to good or high quality dental care.

There is some worrying statistics even about today’s citizens of the US.

dental careFor adults:

  • Every year, 164 million working hours are lost due to dental problems and emergency situations with adult working people.
  • Every year, about 30,000 Americans are being diagnosed with pharyngeal and other types of oral cancer, and every year about 3,000 Americans die from these cancers. At that, five-year survival rate for people with such type of cancers is 56 percent for white Americans, and 34 percent for African Americans.
  • For a great deal of modern Americans, whose parents did not pay attention much on regular dental care of their children, periodontal diseases, cavities and other dental problems contributed greatly in the development of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and other serious health conditions.
  • About 23 percent of today’s Americans aged over 65 have severe periodontal disease.

For children:

  • Every one of four children from low-income families never see a dentist prior entering kindergarten.
  • Every year, about 51 million school hours are lost due to various dental problems of children.
  • Currently, tooth decay is the leading chronic disease of children aged between 7 and 17. It is 7 times more common than hay fever and 5 times more common than asthma.

It is very important for everyone of us to pay proper attention on dental care issue. And it is very important to remember that for those who can not afford dental check-ups or dental care services, there are numerous government and charity programs to support nation’s dental health. To name just one: recently, the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation $11.7 million to local universities for free dental care services, for education programs and dental researches. The main purpose of these grants is to decrease the effects of overwhelming lack of dental care in modern society.

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