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Dental Specialists Express Concern By The Fall In Dental Treatment

Recently, dental experts at the Irish Dental Association published the results of their latest research showing that nowadays there is a substantial decline in dental treatment, mainly due to extremely high prices for all dental procedures, even such easy ones as dental fillings or dental cleanings. In particular, millions of today’s people end up with progressing gum disease, tooth decay and lost teeth. Irish dentists say that financial concerns make people leave their dental problems unsolved, that is why public dental health is going worse year by year. The specialists express their worries and call for increasing social awareness about this threatening tendency.

dental treatmentAfter analyzing the figures and looking at the latest changes in insurance policies and privileges for medical card holders, specialists were amazed to find out that for the first two months of the year 2011, the number of dental treatment procedures in the country fell down by 40% compared with the same period of the year 2010.

The IDA specialists interviewed a number of successful Irish dental specialists who also reported about obvious decline in the number of the clients and the dental procedures done. According to them, the number of complex dental procedures like root canal therapy or dentures, has fallen down dramatically (by about 60%). This information makes the situation even more alarming, but the main problems is: it seems like most of the people are simply not aware about their entitlements under various national dental treatment programs. Thinking that they will be forced to pay huge money for dental care, people tend to avoid visiting dental clinics, even for the routine checkups.

According to Dr. Andrew Bolas, the vice president of the IDA, underlines the importance of finding an effective solution, launch more of effective governmental programs which would make dental care more affordable and available for all people, and increase the people’s awareness about such programs. “Our fear is that hundreds of thousands of people are no longer receiving appropriate dental care. This has very serious implications for the dental heath of the nation and indeed will lead to significant expenditure in the future as patients will require more extensive and expensive treatment,” he says. The findings of the research were recently presented at the annual conference of the Irish Dental Association in Cavan.

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