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Flossing Alternatives: Toothpicks

Tooth PicksNot everyone enjoys flossing. Besides, many people could not master the art of flossing, so they continue hurting the soft tissues in their mouth when they attempt to floss. For such situations, there are effective and safe alternatives to flossing, including various tooth pick tools. There is a great number of woodsticks, advanced plastic soft tooth picks or brush picks, or even floss picks and special plaque removers available online. It is very easy to learn using such dental care tools, and the effects of using these plaque removers are almost the same as the effects of using the floss threat.

Some dentists and dental specialists even recommend using such plaque removers as triangular tooth picks instead of regular flossing. They are convinced that picks can enter those places and nooks in the mouth, which are left unavailable for toothbrushes and floss. Another reason of such concern is our common laziness. Many people neglect regular flossing, but using tooth picks can be more attractive since usually it requires less time and efforts. At that, using toothpicks is especially effective for those people, who have large spaces between their teeth. However, the people who have periodontal disease have to be very careful while using toothpick tools.

It is interesting that holding a tooth pick with your hand is already considered to be something old-fashioned and ineffective. Holding a toothpick with your hand does not allow you reach all necessary places in your mouth (like the tongue side of your teeth and so on) and limits the space for moving your pick. Nowadays, you can buy a lot of advanced tooth picks with various unique designs and qualities, like special picks with xylitol, the picks with flexible edges, triangular picks or the picks of other shape which are easy to maneuver and use.

Undoubtedly, tooth picks are a great tool for dental care, but there are certain drawbacks connected with using them. In particular, an important disadvantage is inability of tooth picks to clean properly the space behind our last “wisdom” teeth, but flossing can do that. Those places require very careful cleaning because there are a lot of harmful bacteria get collected there, which can cause not only bad odor and plaque, but more serious dental problems. That is why, according to the latest reseacrhes, the most effective way is to use all three methods for plaque reomval: brushing, flossing and using toothpicks tools.

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Time: July 6, 2009, 2:42 am

My one teeth is giving lots of pain, so what should i do now?

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